These Felines are Taking Over The Cosplay World, One Ball of Yarn at a Time

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If you have been on any type of social media account lately, you’ve most likely been treated with the crafty adorableness of Cat Cosplay. After following them on Twitter and Instagram for a bit, I decided to reach out to their human, Freyu, to learn about the cosplaying cats and what they are like to work with. Do they demand only the freshest tuna before their photo shoots? Can you not look them in the eyes? Are they planning to break the internet?

First off, tell me about your adorable models. What are their names and can they be divas during photo shoots?

Our Calico is named Nak, she has been a performer at Renaissance Faires for 5 years now. Our black and white cat is named Fawkes and is a gigantic scardy cat when it comes to anything outside the house. They are mostly well behaved for photo shoots. The exception being Nak has a horrible habit of hearing the click of the camera and looking away right as the shutter goes off. For every photo you see posted there is at LEAST 10-20 others deleted.


How exactly did you get into cat cosplay? Were your cats playing with your cosplay outfits?

It started with simply taking Nak out for walks with us as a shoulder cat. One outing we went to a Ren Faire and we thought it would be fun to put her in a pirate outfit to ride around my shoulder. I was so perturbed by the quality of the costume I made my own by the end of the week and we went back the next weekend with a dragon outfit that included fully articulate wings attached to a sea of scalemail that matched her fur color. By the end of that weekend I had been hired by a troupe of performers and we’ve been performing at faires ever since with her in various costumes. Only recently did we decide to expand upon that and do more geeky things with pictures of the costumes.

How do you decide what the cats are going to cosplay?

3 ways. 1: What is relevant at the time. (Back to the Future day, Fallout 4 announced, Rick and Morty season finale) 2: What gets stuck in my head and I have to get out of it. (Ganondorf, Emily Kaldwin) 3: We take requests and when we find things that can accommodate them or have a free moment I like to look at what is near the top of the vote list.

How long does it take to make the costumes?

Three types of costumes. We do Light, which can be edits or simples which take 1-7 hours. Mediums require some crafting. 7-19 hours. And Heavy which is anything 20+ Like Ganondorf.


I stumbled upon your work with the Rick cosplay from Rick and Morty, but what was the first cosplay that really caught the internet’s attention and made you realize the joy you could bring to people?

Catch 22 there, the first thing that caught the Internets attention was the cats in sports jerseys and made me realize we could bring joy to people fairly simply. However our Attack on Titan cosplay made quite the rounds on international websites in Asia. Our Ganondorf has been seen well over a million times and was the first to break 500 retweets and get into more local gaming magazines. So its a toss up between those 2 when I realized we kinda had something here.



Can you share any future cosplay we can look forward to?

Nope. I asked fans early on if they wanted spoilers or build pictures and the majority vote was for surprise… However if you look at #1 on question 3 you can probably make fairly good educated guesses when we post teaser shots.



Be sure to follow Cat Cosplay on their Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up to date on all the latest cosplays.

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Monica Piluso

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