Philadelphia Based Performing Group Brought ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Episode to the Third Dimension!

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In case you are new to this site – I, Kait Calabrò, am OBSESSED with Bob’s Burgers!

I, as well as AGtM’s Monica Piluso and for a hot minute Tricia Ennis, live in the wonderful, historical, and f*!king beautiful city of Philadelphia! So when Philly based performing artist group – Creatures of the Nights – announced that they would be doing a month long production of the Bob’s Burgers season one classic, “Hamburg Dinner Theater,” I could not pass up the chance to see the performance.

Performed in the pretty kick-ass bar, Tattooed Mom, on Philly’s South Street. The production starred: Anthony Taylor (who also directed) as Linda Belcher, Chase Byrd as Bob Belcher, Robert Gene Pellechio as Tina Belcher and Robber, Joe Tabasco as Gene, Ariana Ballerini as Louise, LaPorscha Rodgers as the Officer and Patron, and included a ukulele performance of the Bob’s Burgers theme song by Hilary Yvette.


The production had became so popular that Creatures of the Night started doing two performances a night and was even recognized by both John Roberts (the Emmy nominated voice of Linda Belcher), and creator of the series, Loren Bouchard. “Hamburger Dinner Theater” was a god-damn hit!

The cast was amazing and Taylor’s depiction of Linda Belcher was way more than “ALLLRIIIIGHT!” After watching the performance – standing room only room – all I could think about is how this is not done every night in every part of the world. Anthony Taylor may have just struck gold. So I tracked down my fellow Temple University Owl (Class of 2012, what up!) and sat down with Taylor hours before his final performance of “Hamburg Dinner Theater” and had a little chat – and yes his voice was a wee bit sore. Check out my interview below…

AGtM: What made you come up with this concept of turning an episode of Bob’s Burgers into live theater?

AT: To be honest, Halloween. I dressed up as Linda. So I was thinking it would be really cool to do a live production, specifically “Hamburger Dinner Theater” because it is all about theater. It was kind of meta. And I am such a huge fan of the show, it seem like something I would want to do and people would want to see.

AGtM: So what has been your reaction to the people coming out and seeing the show? Last Friday you did an extra show. Did you think that crowds of Philadelphia Bob’s Burgers fans were going to come out?

AT: I had no idea it was going to be this big. We usually do fill the room but never had it to the point where people were being turned away. It has been like “wow, this is awesome.” We have gotten a lot of support from everyone so it has been inspiring and keeps us wanting to do stuff like this. This has been our most successful production to date.

AGtM: What are your plans for “Hamburger Dinner Theater” after this? Is this something you like to continue to do?

AT: We have been playing around with the idea of extending the production. Someone that came to the Wednesday show suggest that we do it once a month, so that is a pretty cool idea. There are loads of possibilities, doing other [Bob’s Burgers] episodes or even other television shows.

AGtM: I saw that Bob’s Burgers creator, Loren Bouchard, tweeted you. What was that like?

AT: It was amazing! It happened while I was getting ready for the show, so I didn’t see [the tweet] until later. So I was like “Oh my god, I can’t believe I didn’t see this…” He is just so cool. He has also worked on Dr. Katz, Home Movies – which is the reason why I have a degree in film – I love that show. It might sound lame but it is like a dream come true.

AGtM: What do you think about other performing groups wanting to put on this production? Like what if this became a “thing?”

AT: I think that would be awesome. I would be so down if this became like the Rocky Horror of Bob’s Burgers.

AGtM: So how did you prepare to become Linda Belcher?

AT: A lot of people just say that I remind them of Linda. I told people that I was going to play Linda and they were like, “of course.” I mean once you get into the costume, the wig, the glasses, you kind of just look at yourself and you know how you are going to be.

AGtM: Favorite Bob’s Burger quote?

AT: [Long Pause] “Oh, hey Marshmallow.” That’s my favorite because it adds another layer to Bob.

AGtM: Favorite Bob’s Burgers episodes?

AT: It’s not “Hamburger Dinner Theater” actually. It is season four’s two part season finale, “Wharf Horse” and “World Wharf II.” The first part ends with Linda doing the James Bond-like theme song. It is so ridiculous but I love it. The drama is there but it is also really funny.

AGtM: Finally, Favorite Bob’s Burgers character?

AT: It has to be Linda. When you first watch the show you are kind of like Tina is me, but Louise is growing into this diabolical awesome never before seen character, Gene also has great moments but it has to be Linda. I am just such a huge fan of John Roberts work so, Linda.

So, I am thinking that Creatures of the Night should do a live production of the season five premiere, “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl!” Who’s with me?

Make sure to follow Anthony Taylor on Twitter as well as Creatures of the Night on Twitter and ‘Like’ them on Facebook.

Shout out to Tattooed Mom for allowing us to come in and do a full photo shoot!

Watch the FULL “Hamburger Dinner Theater” production below…

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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