Shake Ups in the World of Chick Comics – Captain Marvel and Lumberjanes NEWS!

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Strong females are literally everywhere within the comic book world and it is freaking awesome…but as a lover of “chick comics” I am currently in mourning after some shake ups happening to TWO of my favorite books.

It is true, The Carol Corps, the Queen of Comics – Kelly Sue DeConnick – will be leaving the Captain Marvel series after all the shit that is going down with Secret Wars. DeConnick confirmed the news last week while attending HerosCon. Though the decision was hard, with the announcement of the movie, DeConnick knew she’d “dig in for three more years or drop the mic.” Don’t worry, though, fans of DeConnick, she will continue to be part of the creative process for Pretty Deadly and Bitch Planet. As well as a deal with Universal TV to bring the world of comics to the small screen.

So who would possibly replace DeConnick? Marvel wasted no time revealing the TWO people that will be taking over Captain MarvelTara Butters and Michele Fazekas – the showrunners of Marvel’s Agent Carter – are now the new writers for Captain Marvel! Now that is pretty kick ass! Fast Company posted an interview with both Butters and Fazekas talking about Captain Marvel’s future:

“It’s been really fun playing in a world where you can do anything,” says Butters about the transition from TV writing to comics. “In comics, there is no budget.” This includes working with series artist Kris Anka on designs whose only limit is imagination—such as for the space station that will be Captain Marvel’s new headquarters. The new series begins eight months in narrative time after the end of Secret Wars, Marvel’s current line-wide event that will change the status quo for most of the Marvel Universe’s characters and teams.

“Marvel really wanted us to design what her mission is within the universe,” says Fazekas. “We know what S.H.I.E.L.D.’s mission is, we know what the Avengers’ mission is, we know what Guardians of the Galaxy’s mission is. So how does Captain Marvel fit into all that?”

That new mission has Captain Marvel as Earth’s first line of defense against extraterrestrial threats.

Butters and Fazekas have also collaborated with Anka to tweak Captain Marvel’s character design to align with her mission. “We’ve slightly modified her costume to kind of reflect her new status quo,” says Butters. They’ve also given her a new haircut. “There’s been a lot of controversy about Carol Danvers’ haircut,” she says. “We really wanted to make sure it was consistent and streamlined. Last year I think a lot of people couldn’t get her hairstyle—sometimes it was short, sometimes it was long—so we went in and designed exactly what she would look like. Kris really wanted to go shorter, because he felt it aligned with what her new look is all about.”

“She’s military,” says Fazekas. “She’s not going to have this huge mane of hair. It needs to be practical.”

Check out some concept art for the “newer” Captain Marvel below…

Captain Marvel

If you thought the Captain Marvel news was hard to handle, hold onto your butts because Noelle Stevenson – of Lumberjanes fame – will be departing the highly popular ongoing series after issue #17!

Stevenson will be stepping down and Kat Leyh (Supercakes) will take over. Shannon Watters will continue to write for the series and Stevenson will continue to consult. Stevenson’s departure may have something to do with her very successful solo graphic novel – Nimona – which is already being adapted by Fox. In case you missed, Lumberjanes is ALSO being made into a live-action film.

So how are we all feeling after all these shake ups?

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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