Doctor Who “Listen” Recap

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I’m sorry this is late folks, it’s been a crazy past few days! So without further ado, let us “listen”!

The show opens with the Doctor speaking to no one, as he goes on about “listening” like it’s a subject he is teaching. But he might not actually be alone as the first creepy scene shows him put his chalk down for a minute to go back and find it missing. It rolls back to him and he notices someone or something wrote “Listen” on the board. Chills!

Clara comes back to her apartment after leaving a date gone wrong with Danny. Well, it started out great… But the whole soldier thing presses the wrong button.

She goes into her bedroom and bumps into the TARDIS and the Doctor immediately starts wrecking her like an older brother.

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He wants her to go with him right that instant but Clara is hoping Danny will call or text so she holds off a little. But the Doctor hooks her with the idea of a silent companion. A nightmare. Something that hides under the bed to get you.

He puts Clara’s fingers into the TARDIS membrane thingy and tells her to focus on her dream so they can see what’s under her bed. OOOOooooOOOOoooohhhh!

He tells her not to get distracted and of course her phone goes off. They arrive at a children’s home but Clara has never been there in her life. She sees a little boy in an upstairs room and when he waves at her she immediately thinks of Danny. The boy opens the window and reveals that his name is Rupert Pink. Any relation to Danny?

The Doctor gets in to the children’s home and freaks out the security guard who sucks at his job. Clara makes her way to Rupert, who is afraid of what’s under his bed. So she starts to console him about the monster under the bed so she slides underneath to prover her point and invites Rupert to join her. While they converse, someone sits on the bed. Oh, shit! Clara and Rupert are freaked out!

They get out from underneath and a shape is huddled under the blanket.

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The shape starts moving and then the Doctor clicks the light on and starts raving about how Wally isn’t the book. He asks Rupert if he is scared of the thing on the bed and tells him that being scared is a superpower. It’s a pretty great speech. He tells Rupert and Clara to turn their backs on the bed monster. The Doctor gives it a chance to leave but bed monster creeps closer. The blanket slips off and it looks like some Roswell alien. The Doctor shouts at them to not turn around and eventually the bed monster leaves.

Clara comforts Rupert by putting plastic soldiers all around the floor of his bed to protect him and gives special power to the soldier without a gun, which the Doctor is very intent on hearing. Rupert names him Dan and Clara pauses. This is definitely little Danny Pink.

After they leave little Pink, the Doctor asks if Clara has a connection to the boy. She asks if he’ll remember and the Doctor says he scrambled his memory to have dreams of “Dan the soldier man”. Clara freaks and makes the Doctor take her back to her date where she apologizes to Danny and they start over again. It’s pretty adorable. Until she slips and says Rupert. Danny freaks out. What is this guy’s deal?!?!

A man in a space suit comes into the restaurant and motions to Clara to follow. She does once Danny leaves her in a huff. She yells at the space suit man and it’s none other than Danny! Well, sort of. It’s Colonel Orson Pink from the end of the universe. The Doctor found him through her time line.

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They visit this planet, which technically they shouldn’t be able to and the Doctor makes her listen to the extreme silence of the planet. He then shows her how Orson got there and makes a riff on how Orson is in his place at the edge of the universe.

Orson wants to go home desperately but the Doctor makes up a lie about how the TARDIS needs to recharge and Orson’s face just drops. The Doctor knows he is afraid and he’s going to find out what’s out there.

Clara promises Orson he’ll be safe in the TARDIS, while they wait outside. A toy soldier falls out of his bag and it’s Dan the Soldier Man from when Danny was a little boy. Orson tells her it’s a family heirloom that brings good luck. She gives it back and warns him to stay away from time travel when he gets home but Orson tells her it runs in the family. Clara stops and Orson tells her how his great grandparents dealt with time travel and then hands her the family heirloom with a smirk on his face. So Danny and Clara are meant to be!

The Doctor and Clara are hanging out in the ship and start getting freaked out by all of the noises. The Doctor tries to make small talk with her but then something hisses and it freaks them the hell out! Clara wants to leave but the Doctor NEEDS TO KNOW. The door starts opening and the Doctor demands Clara go into the TARDIS but she doesn’t want to leave him. He tells her she will never travel with him again if she doesn’t listen and she calls him an idiot. Eh, they’ll get over it.

The door opens and the Doctor’s face pales.

Orson saves the Doctor from getting sucked out of the ship. He’s knocked out so Clara and Orson talk about his fear of what’s outside. She decides to take matters into her own hands and “do a thing”. She flies the TARDIS out of there and they land somewhere else. Clara goes out by herself and finds herself in a barn. She hears a little boy crying and assumes it is Danny. People are coming so she hides under the bed. A man and woman talk about how this boy cries all the time and the man complains how he’ll never be a Time Lord if he goes off crying all the time. Clara’s eyes widen as she realizes she is under the Doctor’s bed.

The Doctor wakes up and asks where Clara is. Little him hears it and asks who is there. As his feet touch the ground, Clara’s hand quickly grabs him and she quickly realizes she’s the monster under the bed! She calmly tells him it’s okay and that he is having a dream. He huddles under the blanket and Clara comforts him and tells him to “Listen”.

Inside the TARDIS, Clara comes waltzing in and tells the Doctor what if the big bad Time Lord doesn’t want to admit he’s afraid of the dark? She tells the Doctor to take off and never ask questions, even after he tells her he doesn’t take orders.

The TARDIS takes off and the show flashes back to Clara telling the little Doctor how fear is a superpower. And that fear can make you kind.

They drop Orson off and before they jet off again, she gives the Doctor a tight hug to which he protests yet again that he is against hugging.

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Clara then shows up at Danny’s door and the show intercuts between her with the Doctor and her with Danny.

She tells the little Doctor, “Fear is like a constant companion. Fear makes companions of us all.” And she leaves him the gift of Dan the Soldier Man, the soldier that refused to use a gun.


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Well Moffat really went and pulled Clara deeper into the Doctor’s time line! He’s a soldier against weapons and Clara was a huge source of that.

My only gripe with this episode is who was under the blanket? I mean, I can attribute everyone’s fears as everyone having a constant companion but the bed monster they faced doesn’t make sense.

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