‘True Blood’ “Death is Not the End” Recap – “I Hate Shreveport.”

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True Blood

The final season of True Blood is really packing on the feels and with people meeting their true death at every corner; it has become the most nerve-racking hour of television for yours truly! Pretty much this is how I felt about this episode…

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Let’s sink our fangs into Death is Not the End.


I Just Called to Say I’m Sorry

This week’s episode opens with Sookie calling Jackson to inform him of Alcide’s death. Jackson lets Sookie know that Alcide loved the f*!k out of her.

In another room a complete tear worthy moment happens…Jason calls his once upon a time best friend, Hoyt, to inform him that his mother was killed by a vampire. Jason, who is having a hard time talking to his best friend who does not remember him, tries to comfort Hoyt. After Jason ends his call, Sookie reminds her brother that he needs to man up because he is the law now!


I Hate Shreveport

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As much as I am loving these Pam and Eric moments and flashbacks…in the back of my mind, I am just thinking this is going to lead to a heartbreaking goodbye! I still have hope that my Eric Northman will pull through.

Eric and Pam are making their way back stateside, when Eric decides that he wants to make a pit stop in Shreveport to get Willa. Pam, who expresses her dislike for Shreveport, tells Eric that Willa probably hates him just like Tara hated her.


1986 – The punishment for pissing off Nan Flanagan is becoming the not-so-proud owners of a video store in North Louisiana, which holds the largest collection of adult videos in the area. I always wondered why two worldly vampires like Pam and Eric ended up in Shreveport.

True Blood GIF   True Blood GIF

1996 – The origin story of Ginger is revealed! As a student, Ginger walks into the video store looking for some vamp cinema for a paper she is writing, but once she spots mid 90s Eric, all is lost.

2006 – Vampires are out of the coffin and Ginger has a brilliant idea, change the video store into a super sexy vamp bar called Fangtasia! Pam likes the idea and glamours Ginger so she can steal the idea and share it with Eric.

Back in present day, Pam confesses to Eric that Fangtasia was really Ginger’s idea. And then this cute exchange happens…

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…and my heart just pooped it’s pants!


I Don’t give a F*!k about You, or Your Problems

Sookie, Sam, and Jason head over to the Bellefleur house so Sookie can “unglamour” Holly to find out where the others are being held. Sookie works her fairy magic and discovers that they are being held in Fangtasia. Sookie also learns that the ladies are all still alive but Kevin was killed.

Jason and Sam head off to tell Rosie that Kevin has been killed and Sookie heads to Bill’s to begin prepping for tonight’s battle.

Over at the Compton house, James goes all “I am telling your Dad,” on Jessica, who has not eaten since killing Andy’s daughters. Sookie arrives during the tiny intervention and tells Jessica that she can feed off her but Jessica wont bite. Sookie simply tells Jessica this…

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On a mission, Sookie tells James to call LaLa to come over and feed Jessica. Bill and Sookie work on a battle plan. They will be outnumbered. Bill feeds on Sookie to help build his strength. After admitting that he killed the love of his life, Jessica feeds off LaLa.

The small group of vampires and humans gather at the Compton house to go over the plan of attack. There is a knock at the door and the besties are back together…

True Blood GIF

True Blood GIF


Eric then has a little reunion with Sookie sharing where he has been. He then summons a very pissed off Willa and commands her to help Sookie and the others. With the help of Eric’s knowledge of the Underground Railroad tunnel that leads into the basement of Fangtasia, Sam sneaks in as a rat to let the ladies know that help is on the way. As soon as Sam leaves, Arlene is taken upstairs. When Pam and Bill enter the basement there are only two not three.

Eric knocks at the front door of Fangtasia, revealing that he was the former owner and has brought his own food (Sookie) and just needs a safe place to stay. Once inside, Sookie sees a dying Arlene. The rest of the vamp group bust into the bar and a full on fight happens. Shit gets a wee bit crazy when, thanks to Rosie, the vigilantes show up and start throwing fire bombs into the bar. There are like several moments when you think one of your favorite characters is missing or has been killed…lucky they all survive and kill all the H-Vamps and vigilantes.

Inside the bar, Sookie is desperately trying to keep Arlene alive. Alrene is starting to see visions of Terry…it doesn’t look good. Sookie begs an extremely weak Eric to go find a healthy vampire to feed Arlene some blood. Keith, a member of James’ band, comes to the aid of Arlene.

Eric heads back into Fangtasia to see Sookie one last time….really, I am supposed to believe Eric is giving up on Sookie. The two share this look…

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True Blood GIF

Some people think this was some kind of goodbye, but I see it as an Eric Northman, “I am coming back”!


Who else has a strange feeling that Sarah Newlin might be holding onto some H-Vamp cure?

Until next time, Waiting Sucks!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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