E3 2014 Nintendo Digital Event Overview: That Nintendo Magic

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The media briefings wrapped up in a great way with the Nintendo Digital Event that was shown. It started off with what appeared to be a Robot Chicken animation starring Nintendo USA President Reggie making fun of every franchise Nintendo was known for. After that was a CGI-fight starring both Nintendo heads, Mr. Iwata and Reggie, completely animated in Mii avatars. The short wrapped up with real-life Reggie and Iwata playing some Super Smash Bros. to settle the score.

When all the fun stuff finally ended though, Nintendo didn’t hold back showing a bunch of really great looking games. First off was the reveal of Mii characters coming to the new Super Smash Bros. game. You will be able to import your own personal Mii into the game, and have them play in the style of hand-to-hand, with a sword, or a blaster arm. All of which have 12 special moves to choose from making your Mii as unique to how you play as possible.

The next reveal was Nintendo revealing their toys-to-life line called Amiibo. Not too much is known other than that the first game that uses these figures is going to be Super Smash Bros. Wii U. The characters will act as a special CPU character that learns the more you play it making it a more difficult foe for you to fight yourself or use as an ally against friends. It was announced that Amiibo will be used for many games to come including the already released Mario Kart 8.

The next game is Yoshi’s Woolly World being made by the studio that created Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Yoshi’s Woolly World is a puzzle platformer that has you using Yoshi in a game in which everything, including himself, is made of yarn and fabric. The game is going to feature a co-op mode for yourself and a friend to play together and will be releasing on the Wii U in 2015.

A big surprise that was shown is centered around a fan favorite Nintendo character that usually shows up in Mario games: Toad is getting his own game, finally! In Captain Toad Treasure Tracker you play as Toad adventuring on a variety of little islands collecting different items and going through puzzles to get from level to level. The game is to release this holiday season for Wii U.

As it’s been teased for awhile now, the next Legend of Zelda game was shown off for Wii U a bit as well. Although not exactly gameplay, the world itself and everything that was shown was all in the game’s actual engine. The art style almost looks like a mashing of the art styles of Skyward Sword and Wind Waker and it’s very good to look at. The game is said to be the first true open world Zelda but we will have to see when more details emerge before the game comes out in 2015.

A quick showing of the new Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was shown in the form of the first look of gameplay for the two games. Both looking graphically on par with Pokemon X and Pokemon Y if not just a bit better. The game showed off more Mega Evolutions for the games starter Pokemon along with looks at some old faces from the games. Both games will be coming out this October for the 3DS.

Next up was Bayonetta 2 which has been awfully quiet since the reveal of the game. It was revealed however that the original Bayonetta will be grouped with Bayonetta 2 which is only coming to the Wii U later this year.

Something that many people wanted to see and was shown is Hyrule Warriors. The game is a cross project between Tecmo Koei the creators of Dynasty Warriors and the Nintendo with Legend of Zelda. The game has been confirmed for a USA release for Wii U this September. Also shown for the game was that both Zelda and Midna from Twilight Princess will both be characters in the game joining Link and Impa. At this time no more characters were shown except a teaser for Ganondorf but we are promised that there will be many more characters.

A reveal for Wii U came in the form of Xenoblade Chronicles X which is presumably a sequel to Wii exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles. Other than some showing of story with the in game engine nothing is known of the game except it’s releasing in 2015.

Another big rumor was also confirmed which is Mario Maker which has been in the rumor mill for the past couple weeks. Mario Maker is exactly as it sounds in that you create your own Mario courses in classic Super Mario Bros. or in the graphics of New Super Mario Bros.U. The game will surely be popular with those that already like to mod old Mario games into something much harder. Expect Mario Maker sometime in 2015.

A new original game was also shown called Splatoon. The game is a 3rd person shooter that has you on one of two teams of four trying to “ink” the most of a map in competitive gameplay. You have weapons that shoot your team’s color ink covering the environment and whoever covers the most wins the match. The characters you play as can also turn into an ink squid which make for faster traversal in your team’s own ink. The game comes to Wii U sometime in 2015.

To wrap things up was even more Super Smash Bros. news because we seriously can never ever have enough of that. It was revealed that Kid Icarus character Lady Palutena is joining in on the fight this time around. She has a nice showing of gameplay as to how she uses defensive abilities for a really great offense. At the end a teaser showing that we might also see Dark Pit from Kid Icarus as well show up in the new Super Smash Bros.

Well there you have it folks that’s it no more E3 … actually this is only the tip of the iceberg and every minute that goes by there’s just more and more stuff to talk about. Please keep following along as more stories arise on what is to come from E3 2014.

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