This Week In Geek: May 11th-17th

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Check out this gallery of Frozen  done in the Tim Burton style. (Nerdist)

There’s even an Orphan Black version! (Nerdist)

Roberto Orci is set to make his directorial debut with the third Star Trek film. (Screen Rant)

The latest Game of Thrones inspired beer will be……..(Mashable)




Forget haunted houses, horror campouts will be the latest thing! Just be sure to pack some adult diapers with you because the experience sounds pretty terrifying. (Great Horror Campout)

Jesse Eisenberg talks about Lex Luthor. (Screen Rant)

Dig Dinobots? Here’s the trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction. (Slash Film)

ISS Astronauts wrap up Expedition 39. (Red Orbit)

Don’t worry guys, the Pentagon does have a zombie contingency plan in case the undead decide to start an apocalypse. (CNBC)

Do we need another reason to love Scarlett Johansson? Check out the international trailer for Lucy:


Ridley Scott wants Harrison Ford for a Blade Runner sequel. (EW)

FDA approves a Star Wars inspired bionic arm. (CNN)

Katey Segal will be joining the Bellas in their triumphant return to the big screen in Pitch Perfect 2. (Nerdist)

There is a rumor going around that Marvel is eyeing up Zac Efron for a role….(Bleeding Cool)

Speaking of Zac Efron, you should check out this hilarious Instagram video he posted the other day of his real life neighbor (Instagram)





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Monica Piluso

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