Getting to Know the Artist behind the Geeky Paintings of ‘Bear and Sper’

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Sick of giving your Geeky friends gift cards or looking for some Geeky but classy and clean artwork to hang in your home, well I think I got just the Etsy shop for you! Bear and Sper is a little shop that offers geeks watercolor paintings of some of the most memorable symbols in fandoms.

Bear and Sper is run by SoCal mom of 2 and wife to a Marine, Lindsey Bohman. Lindsey is a coffee addicted art student with hopes of becoming an art teacher, and a full blown Black Widow geek who opened her Etsy shop in January 2014. Bear and Sper offers custom orders, state painting, and a growing collection of geek themed works.

I even purchased a custom Doctor Who painting from the shop for AGtM’s very own Monica Piluso for her birthday last month…

Bear and Sper

I was able to catch up with Lindsey earlier this month to learn more about her and her shop. Check out our exclusive interview below…


AGtM: What made you start Bear and Sper?

Lindsey: Back in September of 2013, I did a painting of South Carolina for my house. I had a friend request a custom Oregon painting not too long after. I post a lot of my art on my Instagram account, and these paintings got a lot of attention. When I painted a little California for Annie (of Spiffing Jewelry), several people said I should open a shop. Annie and my husband were the most vocal advocates for it, and still are. They helped me settle on a name (Bear and Sper are the nicknames of my two little boys, which we all agree enforces the personal feeling of the shop), Annie is helping me with so much when it comes to marketing, and my husband is my biggest supporter.Bear and Spre

AGtM: Is your artwork an outlet for letting your inner geek out?

Bear and Spre Lindsey: Definitely. Ever since I could remember, I’ve been doodling and drawing cartoon characters. For the longest time, all I did was large versions of manga pages and grid drawings of superheroes. I’ve got a whole stack of anime drawings hidden away in my portfolio.

AGtM: What is your favorite fandom to create artwork for?

Lindsey: Hands down, I would have to say either Marvel or Star Wars. Or Harry Potter. All of the symbols are so recognizable, and they mean a lot to a lot of people. I grew up with Harry Potter. I will always be a fan, no matter what. Same with my husband and Star Wars. Marvel is something that my family is discovering and exploring together. Having these connections just makes my art feel so much more personal, which I think is important.

AGtM: I couldn’t help but notice you seem to be more of a Marvel fan versus DC, is there a reason you do not have any DC paintings?

Bear and SpreLindsey: If I’m going to be completely honest, it’s because I’m just not that knowledgeable about DC. Sure, I grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series and have seen all of the Batman and Superman films (except Man of Steel). But past that, I’ve had a really hard time getting into DC, and I’m a fervent believer in painting what you love. It is something I plan on expanding on, though, when the shop opens back up in June.

I did do a painting as a gift for my friends, who are having a Batman-themed wedding. It was the bat symbol in their wedding colors, and I really love how it turned out. They’ve also given me a lot of recommendations for what comics to start reading, so that will definitely help.

AGtM: Finally, would you rather be a Time Lord Companion, Disney Princess, a Khalessi, or Black Widow?

Lindsey: Oh boy. I spent a long time pondering this question, because to be any of these people would be amazing.Bear and Spre

But, of course, if you know anything about me, you know I’m going to say Black Widow. Natasha is such a strong person, and regardless if you’re a strict comic book fan or MCU fan, you can’t deny that. She has a big heart, and would do anything to help the people she loves. She’s also a badass and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She doesn’t let being a woman stop her, and uses the fact that she’s a woman to get ahead in what she does. Plus, it would be amazing to look that good in a cat suit. I’m just saying.






So if you want to check out more of what Bear and Sper has to offer check out the shop on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

I would like to thank Lindsey for taking part in this interview and now urge our Geek readers to go overwhelm her with orders!



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