GoT S4 “First of His Name” Recap – “Long May He Reign”

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This week’s episode of Game Of Thrones marked the half way point of the season! TEARS!

But, for now, let us focus on First of His Name

You never love anything in the world the way you love your first child.”:

It did not take too long for Westeros and the Lannisters to get Tommen on the throne. Tommen Baratheon, the first of his name, is now the ruler of the seven kingdoms and long may he reign…Hahahahaha.

In an odd interaction, Cersei approaches Margaery about marrying Tommen and being Queen. Unlike Joffrey, Tommen is a decent boy who needs a Queen to protect him. The two ladies agree to talk to their fathers about the arrangements.

How awkward/funny was this moment when Margaery is not sure what to call Cersei…


Anyway, Cersei meets with her father Tywin to discuss both Tommen and Margaery’s wedding, as well as Cersei’s to Loras. Is it just me or is Cersei all about the Lannister name and doing what Daddy says because she wants Tyrion dead and Tywin is a judge? I think so, because then she continues her campaign of working the judges when she pays a visit to Prince Oberyn in the gardens where she plays the sad mother (though I do think she may actually misses her daughter). I have a feeling that Prince Oberyn may just have seen through her act.

I will do what Queen’s do“:

Over in Meereen, Dany and Co. learn of Joffrey’s death. Which leads to the ultimate question, can she take back Westeros? She may have a big enough army to take King’s Landing but then what?

Jorah Mormont informs Dany that some of the cities she had liberated have been taken back by the Masters. How could Dany rule Westeros if you can’t even be successful across the narrow sea? Looks like Dany needs to do what Queens do…


Practice makes Perfect!

Ugh, it pains me to say this but, like is it just me or is Dany and Co. getting a wee bit boring? Like, I want to see dragons set King’s Landing on fire, damnit!

My Crazy Aunt Lysa:

Sansa and Littlefinger arrive at the Vale. Sansa now has to go by the alias, Alayne, and is acting as Littlefinger’s niece. Sansa and Littlefinger meet with Lysa and her son Robin (who are both still nuts!) Sansa is further instructed that no one can find out who she really is and sent to the chambers, which looks like a basement!

Once Sansa is out of the way, Lysa pounces on her future husband and let’s out a little secret. Yep, Littlefinger had Lysa poison Jon Arryn! No big deal, right? Then Lysa forcefully marries Littlefinger right there and they then have loud sex.

During a one on one with her aunt, Sansa gets to witness first hand how crazy her aunt is.


Lysa starts questioning when Littlefinger started feeling responsible for her. Accusing Sansa of being preggos with Littlefinger’s baby! (Prediction, Lysa will be next on Littlefinger’s list). Sansa convinces her that she has nothing to do with Littlefinger and is still a virgin, which works out because…


My poor Sansa, hopefully Brienne finds you because you went from one crazy to another! Tyrion, save your wife!

The Lady and The Pod:

Whenever this show puts an odd couple on the road together it becomes the perfect comedic relief this show needs. Case in point, my new addiction of Brienne and Pod together!


Brienne might think Podrick is good for nothing until he reveals that he once killed a King’s Guard to protect Tyrion.

Future Besties!

One Last One:

Arya and The Hound are still making their way to the Vale. As they prepare to sleep, The Hound comments on the fact that Arya must recite a list of people she wants to kill before sleeping. Telling her to just finish, the last name she says is The Hound.

The following morning, The Hound finds Arya practicing her “water-dancing”…



..after mocking her teacher; The Hound demonstrated how simple it would be for him to take her out.

It seems like Arya may need to do a little more training before attacking The Hound!

Jon The Great:

Okay, up to this point I have tried to remain neutral in my thoughts of who I would like to see sitting on the Iron Throne in the end. I think all houses have a solid case, expect for Greyjoy! I have many theories and I believe it will come down to 4 or 5 people. But, I can say that after the past several episodes and seeing how freaking amazing Jon Snow is, I would like to officially announce that I am 90% backing him as the one true King of Westeros!

Jon Snow

Okay anyway, the mutineers are still holding Bran, Hodor and the Reeds captive in a hut at Craster’s Keep. The Night’s Watch sends new brother Locke ahead to check out the situation. Locke finds the hut, notices Bran, and reports back to the brothers and tells them to avoid the hut…so he can sneak in and kill Bran!

The evil Karl comes into the hut and begins to terrorize Meera. To protect his sister, Jojen tells Karl that he has the gift of sight and saw Karl die tonight. And just like that, the Night’s Watch led by Jon attacks! Karl flees the hut. Locke rushes to the hut to take Bran, when Bran realizes he is in danger he does his magic thing and gets into Hodor’s head and Hodor hulks out and in the first gratifying death of the night: Hodor snaps Locke’s neck!

In the tear worthy moment, Bran spots Jon and shouts out to him…



Jon does not hear him…OMG, my heart is broken! Jojen reminds Bran that if Jon sees them he will not allow them to continue North…and we are never ever getting back together!

The brothers keep fighting off the mutineers. Jon enters the inside of the Keep to find Karl. The two begin to battle and just when it looks like Karl has got Jon right where he wants him, one of Craster’s wives stabs him in the back, giving Jon enough time to finish him off (second gratifying death)!

The final gratifying death comes at the hands of Ghost who takes care of that awful human, Rast. Ghost finally finds his way back to Jon…


…and the brothers burn down Craster’s Keep as requested by the remaining wives.

And that is that…

Jon Snow!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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