This Week in Geek: April 13th – 19th

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Could we be seeing Mystique, Deadpool, and Gambit in their own solo films on the big screen?? (The Mary Sue)

Stay after the credits of Amazing Spider-Man 2 to see some X-Men: Days of Future Past action! (Screen Rant)

You might have missed out on receiving an owl, but you can now enroll in classes thanks to Hogwarts Is Here! Get your magic on! (Slate)

Amazon has acquired ComiXology. (The Mary Sue)

Game of Thrones let’s it go. (Slash Film)

Zack Snyder talks about how Batman ended up in Man of Steel sequel. (Comic Book Resources)

A man built his own web-slinger. (Fashionably Geek)

Loch Ness Monster!! (Geekosystem)

The Wolf Among Us has an amazing bug. (Nerd Approved)



Monica Piluso

Monica Piluso

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