Top Nathan Young of ‘Misfits’ Episodes

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Okay, I know what you are thinking… “How stereotypical, it is St. Patrick’s Day weekend and she decided to do a list of the only Irish actor she knows.”

You are half right; it is kind of stereotypical of me.  But rude because I know way more Irish actors than just Robert Sheehan. In fact, I will be counting down my Top 5 Colin Farrell Films on Hack The Movi3s this weekend (not sure if this make my argument worse or better). But haters are going to hate, and I am half Irish so I can do what I want!

Anyway…yes, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I have decided to count down the Top Nathan Young of Misfits Episodes simply because he is my favorite Irish…

Misfits - Twat GIF


5. The Christmas Special (Series 2 Episode 7)

Misfits - Chrismtas Special

This is the final episode of the second season of Misfits and the last time we see Nathan Young at the community center (sad face!).

It is fun to see life after community service is over for our Misfits. But really, it is all about seeing Nathan as the worse Santa…

Misfits - Chrismtas Special GIF

Also, he falls in love and becomes a Dad in this episode, so there is that.


4.  My Brother from Another Mother (Series 2 Episode 2)

Misfits - Nathan and Jamie

This episode is a bit more dramatic than most when it comes to the character of Nathan.  Nathan finds out he has a brother and then loses that brother. He also discovers his immortality comes with a bonus feature!

And we finally find out if Nathan and Kelly would ever be…

Misfits - Chose GIF


3.  Granny Fu*ker (Series 1 Episode 3)

Mifits - Nathan and Ruth

So, Nathan is a little depressed in this episode seeing that everyone else had an awesome super power and he is only super annoying.

Misfits - Sad Nathan

Then he meets Ruth, thinking his luck might change until he finds out that Ruth also got a super power from the storm. She is able to be young again thus making Nathan a Granny Fu*ker.

Misfits - Granny GIF


2.  Gay, Straight, Retarded. Why Do we Have to Put Labels on Everything (Series 2 Episode)

This episode is simply on this list because I wish Nathan was in love with Simon in every episode.

Misfits - Gay Straight GIF

Misfits - GIF

After getting a super powered tattoo, Nathan believes that he is in love with Simon and Simon is kind of creeped out.

Misfits - Nathan and Simon GIF


There has to be Simon and Nathan fanfic…right?


1. Save Me Barry (Series 1 Episode 6)

Misfits - Save me Barry

Oh my, where should I start with this episode! I freaking love this episode, this is the perfect Nathan Young experience.

Nathan is the hero in the episode when he saves his fellow Misfits from an awful cardigan-wearing cult!

Misfits - Nice GIF

But, Barry aka Simon, was unable to save Nathan.

Misfits - Save Me Barry GIF

Oh, and we finally learn what Nathan’s superpower is!

Misfits - Buried Alive GIF

My two favorite moments from this episode are when Nathan, Simon, and Kelly do some serious walking….

Misfits - Walking GIF

And, Nathan’s beautiful speech.

Misfits - Nathan's Speech GIFMisfits - Nathan's Speech GIF 2[divide]

Well, there you have it! This St. Patrick’s Day weekend is the perfect time to re-watch or watch for the first time the beautiful bastard that is Nathan Young, played by Irish hottie, Robert Sheehan!

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