‘Being Human’: “Pack It Up, Pack It In”

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Let’s not waste anytime and get to the nitty gritty that is Being Human.

Kat is still laughing in Aidan’s face over his confession. She thinks he needs professional help, so Aidan pulls her head towards his chest so she would realize she’s not hearing a heartbeat. This doesn’t fully convince her so Aidan does the next best thing and makes his eyes go black. This freaks the hell out of Kat and the show does this weird montage thing of her freaking out and them conversing. It finally settles to them on the couch and Aidan asks if she’s scared. Kat admits she is scared of Aidan and asks him to leave. Aidan is hurt by this.


Josh and Nora stop by Caroline and Andrew’s to see baby April. There is another wolf couple there and Josh immediately takes a dislike to Mark because he is trying to be an alpha. The other couple leaves and Josh and Nora present Caroline and Andrew with gifts for the baby, including an adorable onesie with a wolf on it. Caroline starts to cry because a wolf pregnancy didn’t give them time to have a baby shower, so Nora and Josh decide to throw them one.

Two weeks go by and Nora is rushing to plan the baby shower, while Josh is cleaning like he used to. Aidan walks in and asks Nora about Kat. Nora has to deliver the news that Kat not only broke up with Aidan but all of them. Apparently the girl couldn’t handle the supernatural. Josh tries to make the situation better by telling Aidan that this is the first time that he has been dumped. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best way to cheer him up…

Aidan is up in his room brooding and getting ready to call Kat. The dead girls appear and start mocking him. They really need to move on with their lives. Sally appears and banishes them from the house. Aidan freaks out because he needs them to guilt trip him. Sally doesn’t finish this conversation with him though because she goes to another time.

The doorbell rings to reveal Emily at the doorstep. She needs to crash at their house because her mom didn’t take her rehab stint very well.

Aidan gets moody seeing a couple walking down the street and Kenny doesn’t help the situation by pretty much stalking him. Kenny wants to know why Aidan has been avoiding him. He uses his television and movie life lessons to deduce that Aidan is having romance problems and Aidan admits to his break up. So Kenny suggests that they go drink blood and have fun, which Aidan finally agrees to.

Having fun elsewhere, Josh and Nora are throwing their intimate baby shower, which doesn’t stay intimate for long when Mark arrives with his entire pack and some beer. Apparently wolves have a different idea of what happens at baby showers. This irks Josh because Mark is trying to prove his alpha-ness by showing off his pack. Andrew doesn’t make things better by sharing with Josh that he’s thinking of joining the pack. But Josh can’t really talk him out of it because Andrew is doing it to protect April.


Sally pops up in the midst of the party and teases Josh about her latest time travel sending her to Josh’s first sexual experience. Awkward much, Sally? Josh doesn’t have to worry about this for long since Emily is struggling with temptation. She says she is fine but Sally can see she is lying.

Mark interrupts the baby shower to give a speech about vampires. Seriously, someone really needs to teach this guy what happens at baby showers. Anyway, when Mark is giving his speech, Kenny and Aidan walk in, drunk off their butts. So how do they handle this situation? They start rapping and dancing of course!


Sally likes happy Aidan and Aidan responds by telling her that she’s beautiful and they get their dance groove on. Awwww.

Mark questions Josh about his association with the vampires and Josh vouches for them both, which is surprising since he wanted nothing to do with Kenny. Mark accepts this.

Emily shakily goes upstairs and Sally follows her. Emily is trying reaffirm herself that she doesn’t need alcohol and Sally desperately wants to talk to her so she doesn’t feel alone, so she goes the magic route. She casts a spell that will allow Emily to see what she shouldn’t, but it doesn’t work since she doesn’t notice Sally. But Sally did do something as she is sucked back in time to the 20’s where she gets to see Aidan (or as she affectionately named him, Aidan Capone).


Back in the present, Josh is worried about drunk Aidan. Drunk Aidan usually makes bad decisions.  But he says he is fine.

He goes back to talking to Kenny, who is only paying half attention since he is eyeing a werewolf girl across the room. This lovey dovey ness gets Aidan thinking Kat is at the party talking to some other guy. It prompts him to ask Kenny if he can pull any trace of Kat from his brain. Aidan really can’t take heartbreak well.

In the 20’s, Sally is following Aidan around, happy to make fun of his mustache when she gets back to the present. But her mood changes as soon as she witnesses Aidan kill his date and enjoy it. Sally freaks out but the situation gets worse when an old lady stumbles upon the murders. Aidan starts to taunt the old lady and go after her so Sally jumps into the woman’s body and screams his name in the hopes of saving the woman’s life. It only stops him for a second before he sinks his fangs into her neck. Sally screams in pain and jumps out of the body, visibly shaken.

She returns to the party much to the delight of Aidan but Sally becomes like a deer in headlights in front of him. Sally starts telling Aidan how she’s freaked out by the idea of being stuck, but Aidan is nowhere on her level. Instead he tells her he wants to get with her. After witnessing past him and having to hear that comment from her friend, she tells him that she’s just going to walk away before he makes it worse.

Emily made it back downstairs and starts to talk to Kenny who is hunched over looking in the fridge. He straightens up and turns to face her and his face is distorted.


Emily sees this and starts to scream. Kenny tries to calm her down but the wolves gang up on him and start to attack. Aidan comes to his defense and a massive brawl happens. Josh yells at them and they leave the house. Mark takes this moment to bring up that there is no peace with the vampires. The pack starts to file out and Caroline apologizes to Josh but she’s going with the pack because she doesn’t trust vampires.

Sally asks Josh how Emily is and Josh puts the pieces together and figures out that Sally cast a spell on her. Sally only wanted to help Emily. Josh understands this in a way but he tells Sally that she only leaves deep damage behind her. She wants to fix it but Josh just walks away from her. He gets into bed with Nora and they discuss everything that happened that day, especially with Emily and the pack of werewolves.

Aidan goes to Kat’s place and uses his vampire persuasion to make her let him in. He tells her that he loves her and she lets him know that she loves him back and it seems like a weight has been lifted off her chest. They start kissing passionately but it turns out that this is all a fantasy as Aidan is actually watching Kat from an alley across from her apartment.

The next day, Emily leaves their house because she can’t handle recovering and having to deal with supernatural problems. No offense to her, but did she really expect that house to be normal?

Aidan is hungover and tries to talk to a very angry Sally. She tells him that she will never use magic again because she never wants to watch her friends murder anyone. Aidan puts the pieces together and realizes she saw who he was back in the 20’s. Sally surprised me in how harsh she is when she informs Aidan that he deserves all the pain he gets. Sweetie, you knew he was a reformed vampire, don’t act all surprised by his past. Aidan reminds Sally that he isn’t that man anymore. Sally begs him to stay good, which I thought was ironic since she doesn’t listen to the guys when they tell her to stay away from the magic.

Aidan is sitting on his front steps just apparently thinking when Kenny walks up with Astrid (the werewolf girl from the party). Aidan is both delighted and surprised by this. He’s happy for Kenny but also worries if they can handle all the backlash they are going to get. But the young couple seems to be smitten with each other and are sticking together no matter what. Kenny then offers to wipe Kat from Aidan’s memory but Aidan refuses. This was his first normal breakup, well normal for him, and he wants to keep that.


Josh and Nora make their way to the pack’s camp to change with them. Mark apologizes for his behavior the other night and welcomes them to the group. Everyone starts stripping as the camera zooms up and away. I understand Josh and Nora want to connect with other wolves but I feel like the Being Human  gang should know by now that branching outside of their group never ends well for them.

That’s it for my recap, geeks. Enjoy the snow!



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