Tumbling Tuesday: An Interview With ‘Hunger Games Problems’

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Well it is here Tributes!

It is officially the week of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire release, and since I won advance screening tickets, I already saw the film!

But, I am not here to rub that in. No, I am here to deliver another awesome Tumblr account! Since it is Catching Fire week, it is only appropriate that we feature a Tumblr account that is dedicated to Hunger Games…meet Hunger Games Problems!


About Hunger Games Problems:

Hunger Games Problems was created by a hardcore Tribute who just needed to get some confessions and obsessions off of their chest. I am sure if you take a look at the over 200+ problems you will be able to relate to at least 195 of them!


Check out just a couple of Hunger Games Problems






I was able to catch up with the problem solver, or more like problem sharer, behind Hunger Games Problems…check out our exclusive interview below.


AGtM: Why/What made you come up with the concept/idea for your account?

HGP: I’m an avid tumblr user and I have many side blogs that range from fitblr, to food porn, to more artsy and personal. A lot of times I would see posts on my dash that were fitblr related, one in particular called “Weight Loss Problems” and I thought that given all of the random things that make me think of The Hunger Games I could definitely come up with my own similar style blog.

AGtM: So did you create Hunger Games Problems to tame your Hunger Games obsession? Do you use the site as a type of Hunger Games therapy?

HGP: This was definitely a method of taming my obsession. I would go about my usual business at school and whatnot and little things,  like seeing someone with an orange backpack, would make me think of the Hunger Games and I just wanted to tell someone! Seeing the notes I would get on the problems felt like it justified my thought process.

AGtM: Do Hunger Game fans submit problems to you as well?

HGP: Absolutely! I welcome and encourage submissions! I try to give credit by linking to their blog when possible too. A good chunk of the problems you see on the blog are from fans.

AGtM: You have a great following on Tumblr and Facebook. Do you enjoy being able to connect with other Hunger Games fans?

HGP: The Facebook page is still growing, but yes I enjoy connecting with other fans. I had never considered myself part of a fandom until now, so it’s impressive to see how books or a TV series can bring people together firsthand.

AGtM: Which book is your favorite?

HGP: Oh boy, so hard to choose! But I’d have to say Catching Fire! Mostly because of the clock. I just thought that was so clever.

AGtM: Do you think you would survive the games?

HGP: It’s funny, I was having this discussion with someone the other day. I would like to think I would since I’m a college athlete and my friends all refer to me as being the most mischievous. However, I recently suffered from a knee injury, so I’m not so sure I’d last very long if they were anytime within the next few months ha.

AGtM: Which character (out of the whole series) do you identify with the most?

HGP: I identified with Rue a lot. She was charming and inherently kind yet clever as well, which are all traits I identify with.

AGtM: What are you hoping for from Catching Fire?

HGP: Going into the theater and watching the Hunger Games I knew that Gary Ross was going to have difficulties living up to my expectations. So I guess I’m not hoping for much in Catching Fire since it is my favorite book and I want to enjoy the movie as much as possible without being one of those overly critical fans.

AGtM: Finally, are you Team Peeta or Team Gale?

HGP: Oi! I like Gale more in the movies, but Peeta better in the books. Plus, Peeniss is funny so I’m going to have to say PEETA 😀


Well, if you have a Hunger Game problem that you need to get off your chest or if you just want to read more, make sure to head over to Hunger Games Problems over on Tumblr and ‘Like’ the Facebook page!

I would like to thank Hunger Games Problems for the chit chat!

“May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!”

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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