Monogatari – Second Season 19 – Questions

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by AGtM Guest Contributor, Johnathan Eustace

Monogatari knows the tough questions to ask (really an impossible question), because there is no way to choose between those three girls. A ghost, a doll and a vampire? The obvious choice is there.

Jokes aside, the third part to Shinobu Time raises the intensity for the drama of the episode and starts placing this arc in Araragi’s story. After last week’s slow and beautiful artwork, the first part of this episode is a nice return to form with the level of silly fan service. Ononoki, in this episode, becomes a nice addition to the already great cast because she works great in both of the tones that Monogatai represents. Only wish she gets her own story now.

As far as the threat of the giant ball of darkness goes, there is a sense of danger that I haven’t felt from this show before. A powerful force that not even Shinobu can fight against, and every time the darkness appears the show does a great job making me scared that something can/may happen to the characters. So far in the entire Monogatari series most of the problems were problems that have a solution, but Shinobu does not have a problem. Right now, her problem is not being with Araragi and both of them getting weaker as time goes on. In MMO terms Araragi is debuffed and adds to the tension in the story.

The next episode, Gaen enters the scene to hopefully save the day, but I predict that the solution will not be as straight forward. Gaen knows everything, but with this much ramp up, the conclusion to this arc leaves Araragi and Shinobu as different people and closer than they were before.

P.S. Obvious choice is Ononoki.

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