‘The Walking Dead’: 30 Days Without An Accident Recap

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Okay folks, it is time to break down the premiere episode of season 4 of The Walking Dead. So pad up and get your spikes ready, we are cleaning up the zombies!

Apparently, we need to stick some overalls on Rick because he has taken to farming for the prison community. The events of last year (his wife dying, the Governor, and his son shooting a living person) changed his ways. We get a major indicator of this when we see him discovering a gun and throwing it into a barrel rather than tuck it away for later use. News flash Rick, you might have issues, which is perfectly understandable, but you are living in a zombie world, I think it is best to put that gun in with your weapon cache.

Oh, and Rick has an mp3 player! How is that working?!

As he is farming, Carl strolls up wondering why his Dad didn’t wake him to help. This leads to an adorable scene (even though I’m not the biggest Carl fan) between the two. Rick let his son sleep in because he knew he was up all night reading comics. I don’t know if it was because of the comics or the father-son love but that made me awww. Carl points out that Violet the pig is sick, which bothers Rick mainly because he doesn’t want Carl getting attached to the animals they are planning to eat. But Rick’s soft spot shines through as he worries about Violet as well.



The prison has turned into a community, where apparently everyone is helping out. There is also mention of the council that was brought up in the last season when everyone bitched about the Ricktatorship (you know that is going to bite them in the ass, possibly quite literally).

Get ready for another awww moment! Daryl and Carol were flirting!!! Yes, that is right. Daryl is treated as a rock star at the prison and Carol gets all types of feisty when she tells Daryl she saw him first. You get that motorcycle loving ass, Carol! Also, she calls him Pookie. It was jokingly but everyone knows when you tease someone, you really like them. That is like grade school romance 101!

Let’s move on to our other Walking Dead couple, Glenn and Maggie. They are all cute and cuddling in the morning before they get into a slight argument about Maggie being allowed to go on the excursion. Glenn is very demanding about this and Maggie lets this happen for some reason, which isn’t the norm for her. We get an explanation for this later.

But this isn’t all the love the prison has to offer! Beth has got herself a beau in an adorable newcomer named Zach. He’s going out with the group to hunt for supplies and wants a romantic kiss goodbye from Beth, who refuses to say goodbye. Daryl makes fun of Zach for this but you can tell he finds it adorable.



There’s a whole discussion about teamwork when another new guy wants to join the group outing. Sasha is hardcore about teamwork saving their lives but then Michonne comes riding in on her horse like a badass from a solo trip she made. Way to ruin Sasha’s speech, Michonne (but not really because you are a badass and can do whatever you want in my book).

Michonne might not have any news on the whereabouts of the Governor but she comes bearing gifts. Comic books for Carl, which she wants to read when he is done with them. Double points for Michonne there! She also gets a little flirting in with Rick. Triple points! Man, if she was in Gryffindor, those house points would be racking up!

After the team leaves, Hershel decides to have a talk with Rick about guns. The council wants Rick to start using guns again for his safety when he goes out to check the animal traps. Rick refuses, saying his knife is perfectly fine. This conversation leads into Rick’s outing where he runs into a mysterious lady who looks disturbingly like a zombie.

The show then takes us to some little kids naming zombies at the prison fence. Carl and his new friend Patrick (the Disney channel star) overhear this and Carl flips a wig over this, telling the one little girl that dead things shouldn’t have names. This little girl is a bleeding heart and fights with Carl over this. But the fight doesn’t last long and the kids run off to their book club. One of the little girls asks Patrick if he is coming, which embarrasses the kid. He is much older than the group. But he admits to Carl that he enjoys the book club even if it’s dorky of him.

Back to the group scavenging, we get to see Daryl and Zach playing a game. Zach gets one guess a day on what Daryl did as a career before the zombies overran society. Michonne finds this hilarious. It’s a cute little scene before everything is about to go to hell as the camera pans up to a ton of zombies idling on the roof of the building.



In the woods, Rick and zombie looking lady have a discussion. She asks for help and Rick is struggling with this. But he relents and goes to her camp to help her bring her husband (although I’m not really sure if he was definitely her husband) to the prison, but only if they ace his quiz with flying colors. Dear Rick, never trust anyone that looks like a zombie. It’s not good news.

The new guy, Bob, is browsing the alcohol when he somehow manages to get caught under a bunch of it. Daryl goes to help him but then, dun, dun, dun! The ceiling starts to collapse and zombies come raining down! And people complain about it raining cats and dogs.

Daryl almost gets crushed by the helicopter starting to fall through, but we all know that he survives this because if Daryl dies, millions of fans will riot. But when one life gets saved, another perishes. As Zach, the hopeless romantic, saves Bob, he ends up getting chomped by a zombie. Let’s all have a minute for Zach.


Everyone else escapes, including Bob who messed everything up.

Rick deals with his own issue when it turns out zombie lady actually wants to be a zombie! She’s been keeping her zombie man alive for so long and just wants to join him. She begs Rick not to kill her after she kills herself. I’m honestly not really sure why she even brought Rick along for her psycho trip. The man has dealt with enough shit, he does not need Romeo and Juliet zombie crap! I don’t know if he respects her wishes or not but I’m guessing he doesn’t because why would he be cool with more zombies walking around?

Let’s go back to book club now. Carl sneaks in to see what this book club is all about. It starts out innocent enough as Carol is reading to the children but then her next lesson is how to properly kill a zombie with a knife. Carl is shocked by this, which alerts Carol to his presence. She quietly pleads with him to not tell his father. So the council is obviously keeping a lot from Rick. But personally thinking about this issue made me pause. While it is important for the kids to learn what to do if they are faced with a zombie, should they really start learning that young? Can they hold on to innocence in a zombie ravished world?

This fear is also felt by Glenn, as it is revealed that Maggie thought she was pregnant. It turns out she wasn’t but she feels that Glenn and her could handle raising a child in the world they live in. Glenn isn’t so sure about this. I have a feeling rough waters are ahead for this couple.




In other sad news, Daryl decides to be the one to break the news to Beth about her boyfriend. But she does not react the way Daryl expected. Beth informs him that she wasn’t going to waste any tears because she couldn’t take the heartbreak. She  just changes her ‘Days Without An Accident’ sign to 30 from 0. I understand not wanting to be hurt but damn Beth, shed a few tears for Zach! He was a sweetheart! She ends up hugging Daryl, which I honestly thought was a little awkward.

We then move on to a scene where Hershel is talking to Rick about zombie lady but all I could focus on was how cute Judith was with her little bonnet! But in all seriousness, they were talking about how Rick could come back from his grief unlike zombie lady.

The show ends with Patrick hacking up a lung as he makes his way up to the showers. He doesn’t look too good and makes that extremely clear as he passes out in the shower after hacking all over everything. The camera pans down to show Patrick bleeding from his orifices, dead as a doornail. Two seconds later, Walker Patrick opens his eyes. A new threat was teased by The Walking Dead cast and it looks like that threat may be a virus.

Sneaky Disney! Sending one of their stars in with a virus to ruin a hit AMC show! Well it is not going to work! But we won’t see that until next week’s episode.



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