AGtM Goes To The Geekie Awards – Always a Bridesmaid!

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If you have been living under a rock, you might not know that AGtM was nominated for the 1st Annual The Geekie Awards in the Best Retail Store/Website!

Unfortunately we lost (more on that later), but it was truly a wonderful experience and it really is an honor to be nominated (even if that is corny to say)!


Editor In Chief, Tricia Ennis, Editor of Books and Comics, Monica Piluso, and myself, all hopped on planes this past Friday, said good-bye to the East Coast and hello to sunny Los Angles!

Of course we did some touristy stuff…


I was having a Disney moment! On Hollywood Blvd!
I was having a Disney moment! On Hollywood Blvd!


Okay, this was the closest Monica got to Stan Lee...
This was the closest Monica got to Stan Lee…


Sunday was the big day! And sure, we took almost the whole day getting ready in our hotel room but I think the end results were worth it…


Special thanks to Espionage Cosmetics for these awesome nail wraps that Tricia and Monica both rocked!



The League of S.T.E.A.M entertained the crowd waiting to get into the venue.


Once we got into the venue we rocked the red carpet, took a picture with R2-D2, and did an interview! (I will share those pictures on Facebook and Twitter once we get them).

We were seated at Table 17, where we were greeted by our super cool 3D printer!


Alison Haislip (The Nerdist), did a kick-ass job hosting the show!


Seth Green gave away the first ever Geekie to the one and only Stan Lee, who received the LifeTime Achievement Award!


Stan Lee decided to become even more awesome with this epic song he sang, while accepting his award!

Our line buddy won the Geekie for Best Comic/Graphic Novel!  Here is Ken Pisani on stage accepting for Colonus!


Here we are with Ken at the After Party…how cool is that award!


The Mother of The Geekie Awards, Kristen Nedopak, took to the stage toward the end to thank everyone who helped out!


I would like to say that Kristen is totally a badass Geek! She did a wonderful job putting together this award show.  It completely blew my mind, as well as everyone I talked too, how amazing the show went considering it was the first year! Snaps for Kristen!!!

So….like I mentioned before, we lost to The Nerd Machine 


But you know what…I am cool with it! The whole show was such a great experience and totally amaze-balls!  Plus, we got to meet our peers and fellow losers, Wrong Button and Have You Nerd! New Friendships > An Award…right?



So we are a bridesmaid and not the bride this year, but the key words are THIS YEAR!  We are coming for you next year The Geekie Awards, you have been warned!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

Lady Kaitlin Marie Bernadette Calabrò of House Ravenclaw, First of Her Name; Mother of Recaps, Breaker of News, Khaleesi of Wonder Wharf, Queen of Geekdom, and Empress of Anglophiles, is the Managing Editor of AGtM.  By day she is the Marketing Manager of the Philadelphia Film Society, by night she is a serious relationship with her Netflix account. Kait is a proud Temple Owl! And is currently in a celebrity feud with both Samuel L. Jackson and Zachary Levi, unbeknownst to them. She spends her evenings watching the skies waiting for Thor to fly down and take her back to Asgard!
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