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It may just be me, but the summer months seem to bring with them a whole lot of cosplay photos. Whether its because people have more time, because the weather is good for outdoor shoots, or just because this is the height of convention season, my news feeds seem flooded by the amazing costumes coming out of these creators.

At the same time, I’ve stumbled onto some equally amazing looking cosplay themed Kickstarter campaigns I wanted to share with you all in this week’s Kickstart This! … so, let’s check them out.


project cosplay

Project: Cosplay

The first of two cosplay themed calendars on the list, Project: Cosplay is looking to bring together some of the biggest names in cosplay to create an 18 month calendar complete with amazing costumes, stunning photos taken on location, and brilliantly enhanced visual effects to take the images to the next level. The sample images alone are enough to prove that the calendar will be great wall candy.

The project comes from the team at Sexy Cosplay Girls, a group of visual artists from around the world who have come together to showcase some of the highest quality cosplay from all corner of the globe. Yes, they focus on exactly what their name suggests, but they aren’t exploitative (at least not as far as I can tell), and they do seem to have a passion for the cosplay culture as well as the visual.

Part of Project: Cosplay, alongside the calendar, aims to put together an online cosplay magazine that will bring with it, not just images, but articles, behind the scenes, and how-tos.

To learn more about Project: Cosplay, or to pre-order a calendar, check out the Kickstarter page.


men vs cosplay

Men vs Cosplay

This is my favorite one on the list, because it goes out of it’s way to find and feature a vastly underrepresented part of the cosplay world (im my opinion), the men. It’s almost counter intuitive in the geek world to think that men would be underrepresented at all, but when it comes to cosplay, there is a striking majority of people who are in it for the ladies. At the same time, there are men building, sewing, and stringing together these amazing costumes that are just as stellar, if not better, than their female counter parts.

Men vs Cosplay is another cosplay calendar, but this one is specifically looking to feature male cosplayers. The calendar is video game themed, and is designed to feature a large image of the cosplayer, along with a little bio about how they got started in the cosplay scene.

men vs cosplay sample

The project comes from the duo of graphic designer Anabel Martinez and prop and costume maker Allen Amis, and they’ve got some really fun rewards (including convention cosplay bingo boards, which are a great idea). To learn more, and to order your calendar, check out the Kickstarter page.




Our final addition to the list is Project:LEX, which is a bit different from the above campaigns.

The inspiration behind Project:LEX was the epic trailer (and opening cut scene) for the DCUOnline video game (click here to watch it). I love this trailer, and this game, which is one of the reason I love the project itself.

The project is looking to build the costumes from the trailer for a location photoshoot in LA this fall. These costume builds include a massive one for the Lex Luthor battle armor (hence the title). It comes from Adam Jay of Superhero Photography, who already sports an impressive portfolio of superhero/cosplay photos.

Project:LEX includes stretch goals which will unlock additional characters, and a video. Check out the campaign, and consider contributing.

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