Tumbling Tuesdays: An Interview with The Ladies From ‘Disney Gents From Last Night’

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Happy Tumbling Tuesday!

This week I will be featuring the brother Tumblr account to my current Tumblr obsession and previous Tumbling Tuesday Showcase.  Meet Disney Ladies From Last Night’s inappropriate brother Disney Gents From Last Night!



About Disney Gents from Last Night:

The Tumblr account is identical to Disney Ladies from Last Night, but instead of Disney Princesses/Female characters being mashed up with Text From Last Night, we get to see mash ups made with some not so charming Disney Leading Men!


Here are just some classy gems the Tumblr has to offer…






I was able to chat with the two Disney Geeks, R and B,  that run both Disney Gents and Disney Ladies from Last Night.

Here is the exclusive interview…


AGtM: How has your account helped you connect with other people in your fandom?

R: Lots of people regularly send in sweet messages to mention things like their favorite Disney films, how they love a certain character, how excited they are to visit the motherland (i.e. Disneyworld), etc. We’ve done a couple signal boosts as well, for things like charity and people in fandom who would like to get their fledgling brainchildren out. Also, to celebrate a recent milestone, B. and I made an audio post just talking about ourselves. We got plenty of great messages from people who shared our interests. It’s an amazing feeling to know that thousands of people are connected to us via DLFLN.
B: I think we got added to the directory of a big Disney blog pretty early, which was cool! We don’t generally do a lot of outreach or promotion because we’re a small operation. People send us cool messages about their Disney adventures sometimes. It’s crazy that so many people appreciate and follow our blogs!

AGtM: Why/What made you come up with the concept/idea for your account?

R: I came up with the idea for DLFLN after B. told me that she hadn’t seen quite a number of Disney films. I would have her come over and we’d watch the movies in my basement while making silly commentary. We were both already fans of Texts from Last Night, and so, while we were watching Sleeping Beauty,I  asked her what she thought of us making a mash-up site. She was instantly on board, and the rest is history! We never ever thought that DLFLN would blow up to be something this big, so thank you to everyone for your support!
B: We were watching Sleeping Beauty and someone made a comment when Maleficent had Phillip all tied up and at her mercy. Things devolved from there. We actually did a little research to see if there were any big Disney and TFLN blogs already out there; we didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. We decided to make a blog focused on the ladies of Disney because it was a broad enough category that we would have plenty of material, but it wasn’t so big that we would get overwhelmed by the possibilities. We eventually started Gents after we got such good feedback from Ladies.

AGtM: So, who is your favorite Disney Princess and why?

R: I CAN NEVER CHOOSE A FAVORITE ANYTHING. It’s actually a problem. Rather than choose an absolute favorite, I’m going to talk about one of them: Jasmine. As an Indian girl, I grew up with Jasmine as my ideal princess. She was witty, brave, and determined. When I grew older, I came to recognize the deeper layers of her character. Like how much strength it took for her to run away from home (*cough* attempt to escape the confines of the patriarchy *cough*), stand strong in her own decisions, and treasure her self-worth as a woman. Basically, Jasmine kicks ass and looks gorgeous doing it.
B: Like R, I have a lot of trouble picking favorites. I was never big into the Disney princess thing growing up. (I always liked the animal movies best.) If i have to choose, I would go with Belle. She loves reading, looks past appearances to the personality underneath, is loyal to those she loves, and stands up to bad people. All admirable qualities that I aspire to have.

AGtM: Who is your favorite Disney Prince and why?

R: Again, I am terrible at picking favorites, so I’ll talk about one of my favorite Disney dudes: Jim Hawkins. Firstly, he’s voiced by the beautiful and talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt. One could argue that that is all the reasoning I need, but I do have more! Jim is a sensitive free spirit, and also smart enough to teach himself how to build and navigate a solar surfboard. He grows throughout the film to become a person who knows what he wants from life. Also, he’s hot.
B: Like R, I appreciate the beauty that is Jim Hawkins, but I think my favorite Disney prince is probably Kuzco. He grows so much as a person over the course of the movie! And he’s a llama for most of it! And the Emperor’s New Groove is just a fantastic film.

AGtM: Who is the best Disney character (Lady and Gentlemen) to make mash ups of?

R: B. is the one who does the majority of mash-ups, but my personal favorite lady has got to be Ariel! She is always all over the place, which makes for a great variety in the texts that she matches. As for the gentlemen, I love Prince Charming from Cinderella! Although he doesn’t have too many texts, I feel like they have this great sense of apathy or outright exasperation. He’s a total douchebag rather than the canonical charming prince.
B: I make so many mashups, but I don’t even know which characters are my favorites! There are definitely some characters that show up more often than others. Charlotte la Bouff is pretty popular. She and her boobs see a lot of action. For Gents, I’d say Flynn Rider. He seems to get into a lot of shenanigans.

AGtM: If you could live in on Disney castle what would it be?

R: I would live in Belle and Beast’s castle. It’s not even a contest. Ever since I saw their library, I was sold.
B: I wholeheartedly agree with R that the library in the castle from Beauty and the Beast is reason enough to live there. I’d have to take a gander at the Tangled castle, though. I hear it has the kind of view you’d want to get used to.

AGtM: Why are you a Disney nerd?

R: I am a Disney nerd because Disney taught me to love music, romance, magic, and animation. Disney taught me that there is a child in all of us. It taught me the value of kindness, imagination, and love. Some of my best childhood memories are of my siblings and I playing games related to Disney movies (like shoving my older sister off a couch when it was my turn to play Scar), or singing the songs word-for-word to my parents. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that Disney has always been in my life, and I love it for everything it’s given me.
B: I immensely enjoy Disney movies (I am always impressed by the animation), but I honestly wouldn’t consider myself a Disney nerd. I think I’m more of a general movie buff and animation fan. I have fond memories of quoting Lilo and Stitch (complete with voices) with my father and watching different Disney movies during daycare. Disney didn’t really color any other aspects of my life until R “made” me watch the princess movies during our senior year of high school and then we started DLFLN. I think running these blogs have made me appreciate Disney more. So many people love Disney! It’s amazing to see how much it means to people.

AGtM: Finally, What is your favorite all time Disney movie (does not have to be princess related)?

R: Again, can’t pick favorites to save my life! If we’re talking classics, I would have to say The Lion King, but  The Jungle Book and The Black Cauldron hold a lot of great memories for me, too. Mowgli, Eilonwy, and Taran: adorable, adventurous children with amazing resolve and bravery.
BLilo and Stitch, The Lion King, Treasure Planet, and The Emperor’s New Groove are my favorite Disney movies. (So bad at picking favorites!) I love the humor, adventures, and morals of those movies, plus I have a lot of good memories associated with them.



I am a little bias, but I truly believe that both Disney Gents from Last Night and Disney Ladies from Last Night are two of the most original Disney Tumblrs accounts around.

If you grew up watching Disney you will find these mildly inappropriate accounts perfect and even if you are not a Disney freak like me, I am sure you will find these mash-ups LOL worthy!

So head over to Disney Gents from Last Night and Disney Ladies from Last Night to find some not so charming royal confessions!


Thank You R and B for the awesome interview! 

All Images Belong to DGFLN and DLFLN 

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