A Look Back At “Once Upon A Time” Season 2

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The week is almost done, and that can only mean one thing, that the weekend is upon us, and with it is the season 2 finale of ABC’s Once Upon A Time. This season has had it’s share of good and bad moments, and we’re about to recount 10 of them. With all the magic and drama flying in the air, we can’t include everything, so if we missed something let us know at the bottom.

Now if you will please indulge. Sit back, and relax as we take you through some moments that made season 2 worthwhile.

1.  Snow and Emma fall into Jefferson’s Hat (Broken 2×01)

While battling the Wraith and trying to save Regina, Emma is knocked into the newly formed portal. Not wanting to lose her daughter once again, Snow White leaps in after her, and Charming attempts to follow, but fails, giving us a little laugh as he face-plants onto the floor. The moment not only kicks off our list, but also kicks off the season, as we separate our characters, and open up the possibilities of what may occur this season.



2. Daniel and Regina are reunited and torn apart (The Doctor 2×05)

In the first season we were introduced to Regina’s first love, her family’s stable boy Daniel, and saw their happiness destroyed as Cora ripped out his heart and crushed it. This season we were able to see her story continue, not only Fairy Tale Land, but also in Storybrooke. “The Doctor” offered us hope as Daniel was given to us once again, only to be taken away in a very heart ripping scene that shows Daniel battling his internal demons, and Regina having to make the ultimate decision to let him go. It is the beginning of Regina’s journey towards healing.



3. Emma discovers Neal is Bae (Manhattan 2×14)

Back in season one, Rumplestiltskin had made a deal with Emma which would allow Ashely to keep her baby. Gold decided to cash in on this deal by having Emma accompany him in the search for his son. This lead the group to NYC, and to an apartment, where its inhabitant makes a run for it. Emma goes after him and is able to stop him only to discover that it is Neal, Henry’s father and her first love.


4. Henry’s pizza metaphor (The Queen Is Dead 2×15)

Emma asks Henry how his pizza is, and all he can say is that it’s “delicious, cheesy, and doesn’t lie.” It’s just one line but it was perhaps one of his best moments. Finally calling out Emma.


5. Cora and Rumple strain gold (The Miller’s Daughter 2×16)

While Cora is locked in a room for the night with a bunch of straw, and no magic to help her turn it to gold, she desperately looks for a route of escape. Whoever should wonder upon her misfortune but Rumplestiltskin? Thank goodness he did though, because wow did the sparks fly in this scene shared between the two that very much resembled that other very famous pottery “love” scene. The scene is highly sexual, twisted and left you actually supporting the fact that Rumple and Cora were once an item.



6. Snow curses Cora’s heart and gives it to Regina (The Miller’s Daughter 2×16)

Snow White. The innocent one. The one that wouldn’t harm anyone, or even think in a million years of putting a curse on someone’s heart and then giving it to their daughter to trick her into placing it back into their body causing them to die… right? I’m right, right? Oh, how wrong we were as she did exactly this; leading to Cora’s death and Regina’s new fury towards her.



7. Groundhog Day, Storybrooke style (Welcome to Storybrooke 2×17)

Ever have that feeling that you are constantly living every single day as if it were the same day? Well, Regina has since the curse caused all of Storybrooke to remain exactly the same every day. Things can get boring, and as we saw with Regina, it only took a 3 days before she started yearning for something more. This scene gave us a glance into how life in Storybrooke was before our savior, Emma, arrived.


8. Regina discovers Snow’s heart has been darkened (Welcome to Storybrooke 2×17)

This moment appeared in our “Top Regina Moments” list, but it was just too good to leave off here. It is a moment that leaves Regina feeling, finally, like she has seen her victory in the near future with Snow White’s recent discovery of darkening her own heart. With so many emotions shared between the characters this is a major push in their storyline and for the show.


9. Tamara kills the Red Dragon (Selfless, Brave, and True 2×18)

It wasn’t all Regina and Rumple being sneaky and evil this season. Season 2 saw the introduction to a new baddie in the form of Tamara and “The Home Office”. Little is known about them except that they have come up with the technology to kill magical beings, and very painfully I must add, as shown in this clip.



10. The Trigger (Second Star To The Right 2×21)

Rounding out our list for this season is the discovery of the fail safe to the curse, and the realization that Tamara and Owen have full control over it now that they had taken the diamond from Regina.



With the finale upon us, will Storybrooke be saved? Will we discover who the Home Office are? These questions and more will be answered, and a few new ones asked when the Season 2 finale of Once Upon A Time airs Sunday May 12th at 8PM EST/PST on ABC.

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