Lost Girl 3×06 “The Kenzi Scale”

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If last week’s “Faes Wide Shut” got you wondering what on earth happened to our darling Kenzi then don’t worry. This week’s episode has all the answers… Single White Fae style.

Your Recap, The Katie Approach:

The episode picks up right where last week’s left off, with Bo discovering that the Kenzi that has been living with her is really a Kenzi impostor. She decides to take her to the “The Dal” in hopes that the others will see through her rather badly done impression of their quirky human friend, but it doesn’t quite turn out according to plan. Word had gotten out that dear Bo has been in fact killing again, and she is chained up in the holding cell. When she tries to convince Lauren as to what is going on Lauren doesn’t believe her. In fact, Bo’s new rage scares her. Could this be trouble in Doccubus paradise? I sure hope not, because I was one of those people who religiously voted on that E! Online Poll, and am rooting for this to work!

Meanwhile, Single White Fae Kenzi goes back to her hide away in order to gather more information from the real Kenzi, whom she has viciously changed up. It seems that at least three days have past since Kenzi has been taken and what does she get to eat? An ear ring. This impostor has a poor sense in Kenzi fashion, and apparently poor human skills. Luckily, Single White Fae Kenzi is apparently completely clueless, so real Kenzi is able to get a message back to Bo through the power of ice cream! Really, if you’re going to try and form a relationship with someone then you might want to figure out their real favorite ice cream flavor.

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Tamsin, who is completely on to the fact that the Kenzi wandering around is clearly not the real one decides to help Bo find where the real Kenzi is being kept. As they attempt to leave “The Dal” they are stopped by Dyson, who only moments before was falling for Single White Fae Kenzi’s flirtatious moves (I question his sanity if even he couldn’t tell that that wasn’t Kenzi). When he refuses to allow them to pass we finally get to see Tamsin’s real power. We had been told in the past that she is a Valkyrie, but up till now have not been able to see her exact powers. She goes all Skeletor on Dyson and leaves him guilt stricken, allowing her and Bo to escape. Once clear of “The Dal,” Tamsin explains that the Fae they are looking for is a Fox Fae.

As if this episode couldn’t get more Single White Female, Dyson returns home for some much needed rest after his encounter with Tamsin only to find a half naked Single White Fae Kenzi standing around in his shirt, and wanting to share a bed. Dyson soon discovers that Bo was correct. When he struggles with Faux Kenzi he wolfs out and finds himself killing her, which doesn’t add to his already guilty demeanor.

Lauren, who is currently trying to work out what could possibly be happening to Bo, goes to inspect the body of Single White Fae Kenzi, only to finally realize for herself that Bo was telling the truth. The look on her face is one of anguish over her betrayal to the woman she holds dear.

She doesn’t have much time to fully reflect before she must reassure Dyson that everything will be ok. Apparently Tamsin has more of an effect on him then one may realize. In a rare moment, Lauren and Dyson share a hug. It’s a powerful hug that says so much, even though Dyson is still under a major guilt trip.

859879_401160256642990_236422272_oAt the end of the day, Kenzi was finally saved, which is good, because one more day without proper food – and her lack of “the force” – and she might not have made it. While she sleeps off her traumatic experience, the big question of the hour is finally raised: what is going on with Bo?

It appears that Bo is going through something called “The Dawning” which is yet another test that Fae must go through. I swear the Fae have to go through more tests than teachers do in order to be able to keep their licenses. This test has actually come early for Bo, and must have been triggered by something, seeing as a Fae isn’t suppose to take it till they are 200 years old. Hum, maybe it could be her crazy escapades from last season that triggered it?  Apparently, if you fail, you revert back into the simplest form of Fae instead of evolving onward to the next stage, and it looks like Bo might have failed.

The Good, The Bad, And Well… That’s About It

The performances in this episode were very well done, which is not strange for this show. So far, there hasn’t been a weak moment for any of the characters evolution from where they were the previous week, and that’s due to good writing.

The fact that Rachel Skarsten was able to showcase a whole new side of Tasmin, other than the teenager we had seen in “Confaegon” and her usual nonsocial self was good for audiences. I believe that she was able to give Tamsin a bigger heart this week. The moment at the end, when she is in the hospital reawakening the coma patient from “Caged Fae,” you can tell in her body language that it is something that she doesn’t want and which kills her to do. Her flawless lying to The Morrigan about how the patient ended up comatose at Bo’s hand once again proves how easily it is for her to be able to turn off and on Tamsin’s true feelings and still make her intentions wildly unknown.

Anna Silk’s performance was another that truly stood out in this episode. Her desperation, and at times helplessness, at knowing that not only her best friend, but her sister, was out there and probably hurt shown through. She was able to bring heart to her rage and disappointment with her subtle reactions towards Dyson, Lauren, and especially to Trick in the end, when she realizes what she might become.

The real show stopper this week though has to go to Ksenia Solo’s beyond amazing portrayal of, not one, but three different characters. She had to play the Kenzi that we all know and love, Single White Fae Kenzi, and the Fox Fae. She was able to make each very different and stand out from one another. She found the struggle of what loneliness brings when it came to playing the Fox Fae and her desperation to fulfill the role of Kenzi for Single White Fae Kenzi, but was also able to keep the real Kenzi’s wit even in the toughest of situations. There were two scenes tonight that sold me. First: her argument with the two Kenzi’s and second: when she begins to fall apart in front of Bo after she knows that Bo isn’t buying her act. We’ve seen before that Ksenia can hold her own when it came to choreography, but tonight she’s certainly proved herself to infinity and beyond in her acting skills.

Unfortunately, after viewing last week’s episode, and seeing how Single White Fae Kenzi interacted with people, it bugged me to see how hard it was this episode for characters to catch on, and that the only one who really caught on was the person who didn’t even really know her. The story was still strong though, and I never thought it was dragging, but people not realizing it off the bat really got to me. I mean, how many times must she call Bo “Bo Bo” before someone catches on that she only does it once in a while, and never that desperately. Not to mention she thought in last weeks episode that she would need to pay for her drink when even Trick knows that Kenzi has a free running tab, “as long as it’s not from the top shelf.”


One Liners for the Win:

“Hey, so sorry your friend turned crazy, psycho Bitch.” ~ Tamsin


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Important… Due to the fact that the Oscars are being hosted next week (Go Argo) “Lost Girl” will not be showing in either Canada or the US. 

You can catch the next episode “There’s Bo Place Like Home” in Canada on March 3rd at 9PM ET/PT on Showcase and on March 4th in the US on SyFy at 10PM ET/PT or if you feel like doing a re-watch seasons 1 and 2 can be found on Netflix.

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