Lost Girl 101: The Tale is Where It’s At

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lost girl 101 part 2

We’ve covered your main characters and now we’re taking the next step in getting you ready to watch the most recent episodes right now. But remember, this is only a primer. The best way to experience any series is by going back and reliving every single heart breaking, heart mending, tear your little Faeness apart moments for yourself. So sit back, read on, then turn on Netflix, and get ready for a television thrill-ride.

**Warning Readers, the following contains spoilers. Lots of them. Be advised.**

Lost Girl is currently in its third season, and the drama is still running high. This will take you back to the humble beginnings of the series, but don’t worry there will be plenty more for you to discover when you go to watch it yourself.  I’ll make sure of that.

The End Is Only The Beginning

Bo’s story starts off with her working a normal job in a hotel bar. Serve the drinks, get hit on by the creepy drunk guys, the usual. All that changes though once Bo steps in to save Kenzi, a girl who mistakenly gets herself roofied. While the drugs take effect, Kenzi hazily witnesses Bo giving her kiss of death to the culprit – an act which sucks the man’s life from his body. She even manages to catch it on video. Just as Bo is about to leave, Kenzi calls out to her. Unable to leave the girl stranded and drugged, Bo takes her back to her place, and so begins a beautiful sisterhood.


As Kenzi and Bo bond over the fact that she is neither a demon nor an alien, our favorite homicide detectives, Dyson and Hale, arrive at Bo’s new crime scene, and begin attempting to identify the new Fae  in town – and cleaning up the mess. Their search sends them tracking down Bo and Kenzi, and bringing them in all kidnapping style for questioning. It’s here that our little “lost girl” finally finds some answers – in the form of a friendly Doctor named Lauren – as to what she is and why she’s been different for so many years.

It appears that Bo isn’t the only one with “superpowers”. She is a succubus, part of a hidden race of creatures that have been at war with one another for centuries, before they had finally found peace. This race, known as Fae, has it’s own sets of rules – the main one being that it is separated into two different sides: Dark and Light and everyone must pick a side.

Since Bo had grown up amongst the humans and hasn’t had the privilege of choosing just yet, she must go through the Reaping (wait, wrong fandom.), the Sorting Hat (oops, still wrong), the Test! That’s right, Bo must go through the Test which is a giant shindig where the Dark and Light gather and put our little Bo Bo in a ring with two very old Faes whose specialties differ from one another. One has strength of body, the other of mind. Bo barely manages to win – with the surprising help from her, now claimed, human, Kenzi – and decides that both sides are a little to … extreme and that she would rather stick with humans. She chooses neither side, making Bo the first unclaimed Fae.

Thus ends the period of Bo’s life where she longs to find out why she couldn’t have sex without a warning label, and begins her next chapter: Epic Fae Superhero.


Seeking Answers To All The Questions

How could a Succubus and a con-artist make a living you may ask? By starting a detective agency of their own that helps with the cases that others have deemed closed or just not worth their time. This quickly drags Bo back into the Faeworld, since most cases she takes on are Fae related.

Bo also finds herself seeking help from Lauren, the kind doctor who helped reveal to her what she was. Together, Lauren and Bo figure out how to tame Bo’s craving, and even grow a little closer, forming one side of the epic love triangle (that will be covering in our relationship post).

Dyson, as we find out, is the right hand man of Trick, the local Fae barkeep, and knower of all things Fae, and both seem to harbor a secret that they must keep from their darling Succubus.

Trick it seems is sheltering more than one secret from everyone. As the season continues we learn that Trick is once powerful being once called “The Blood King,” who was in charge of the laws in the old Fae world. Kenzi stumbles upon this fact while helping him out with a little lost coin problem.

As a relationship between Bo and Dyson blossoms – forming the final side of our love triangel – Dyson struggles with his desire to help in every way he can. Yes, I mean every way. The toll of knowing something important, and keeping it from Bo, becomes too much and he decides that he must reveal the secret: he knows the identity of her mother.

The identity of Bo’s mother is a recurring factor in the first season of the show. She spends any time she can tracking down information on the woman who gave birth to her. It starts with a Will-o’-the-Whisp asking for help in exchange for information about an infant that might have been Bo and leads to a woman on death row that was Bo’s mother’s midwife.

tumblr_ldsgnul5SF1qelyy5o1_500In the meantime, Saskia, another Succubus, finds her way to town, befriends Bo, and teaches her a little Succubus 101. Did you know that in order for a Fae child to be a Succubus one or both parents must be chi eating Fae? Nope, neither did I until Saskia revealed this little fact to Bo. Where Saskia wants to take Bo under her wing, Bo would rather help Saskia learn to treat humans as more than just another meal. Their view points on things cause a rift and soon the two gal pals have a falling out. Saskia leaves town, or so we think. She returns with a bang, as Bo finds her riding Dyson “like a roller coster,” draining the life out of him. This finally forces Dyson to reveal that Saskia is in fact Aife, the woman that Bo had been looking for her whole life. Yep, Saskia is really Mommy Dearest, and Joan Crawford has nothing on her!

Turns out Aife had more than just mother-daughter bonding time in mind when she rolled back into town. She’s planning on starting a war between the Dark and Light Fae in order to bring the whole system crashing down around them, leaving her the  de facto Fae Queen. Not one to let even her deepest desires get the better of her, but still hoping to reason with Aife, Bo decides she must be the one to confront her, alone.


To get back into Bo’s good graces, Dyson promises not to help Bo fight her mother, but fearing for her life, he seeks help for the Norm, a powerful shaman whose help always comes with a high price. It appears that Dyson has a history with her, and asks her to give Bo the strength to defeat her mother in exchange of giving up that which he holds dearest: his wolf. The Norm agrees but instead of taking his wolf, she takes his love for Bo. Feeling even more bruty than usual Dyson takes off without explanation.

We Have a Garuda of a Problem

Season 2 picks up a little bit after the events of Season 1. Dyson is still M.I.A., Lauren and Bo are mending friendships, and everyone is still cleaning up after Aife’s little rebellion.

When Dyson finally returns something is different about him. He separates himself from Bo and from everyone else. Even when his old love interest Ciara – a Fairy Warrior who knews Dyson back when he was a warrior for the Wolf-shifter King – comes back into his life he can’t even find it in him to love her. He confides in Kenzi about his trip to the Norm and how he had given up his love for Bo. Much later, in the season’s finale, Kenzi does the unspeakable by attempting to retrieve Dyson’s love from the Norm, only to get some strange black goo curse, the effects of which are still unknown.


This season also sees Lauren and Bo’s relationship turn sidewinder. As I said before, the full-on topsy-turviness of their relationship will be laid out in the next post, but they really had some obstacles placed in their way this season. The biggest bump – as it is revealed to us by the Morrigan – is that Lauren has a girlfriend, Nadia, who has been in a comma for five years. Over the course of the season Bo is able to figure out how to save Nadia, and accept that she is back in Lauren’s life.

Aife’s attack in the previous season had serious repurcussions, including the need to put  the Ash on life support. Now, a new Ash must be crowned. Only Fae nobles are allowed to participate in the election, and to everyone’s surprise, except for Trick because Trick knows all, the group has one right under their noses. As it turns out, side kick Hale isn’t so much a side kick as he is noble in disguise. He may have lost leadership of the Light Fae to Lachlan, but Hale certainly proves his reliability later in the season when he must request his family’s help to fight the new big bad: the Garuda.

nadia The Garuda, a bird like creature that takes human form, has been waiting in the shadows for it’s moment to rise again. It feeds off the rage of people’s conflicts and has been starving since Trick wrote the laws that forced peace between Dark and Light. It is made clear just how powerful he is when he begins to take over newly awakened Nadia, and uses her to get close to Bo and the others. The fight for Nadia’s survival soon becomes too much for her and she begs Bo to kill her. Bo only does so once Nadia attempts to attack Lauren.

There are many other casualties from the Garuda battles, none more than a part of Bo herself. When Trick is kidnapped by the creature, Bo goes after it with her new army. In order to unite everyone in their army to prevent the Garuda from having them turn against one another, Bo – who has recently discovered that she is Trick’s granddaughter, and has a hint of his power raging through her veins – injects each member with a small amount of her blood. This causes them all to unite, and also share their strength with her. The Garuda takes control of Trick’s body, and Bo realizes that the only way to save him would be to kill him, as she did with Nadia. Combining everyone’s strength with her’s she is able to defeat the Garuda, but loses herself to the power. Trick had given her a small vial of life essence that belonged to her grandmother which would be able to save her, but Bo decides to give it to Trick to save his life instead.4 Bo manages to come back from the brink of darkness, and all seems fine.

What Things May Come

With the newest season already halfway through, the main thing to look out for is Bo. That fight against the Garuda has awakened something in her, and it’s been slowly changing her. She has been feasting randomly again, and has even had moments where she has blacked out, and the consequences have been deadly.

Kenzi has been fighting with the fact that the rash that she had received from the Norm is eating away at her skin. As if that wasn’t enough, it seems someone has also kidnapped her and taken her place.

Dyson has gotten back his love back for Bo, but must keep it from her, since she is now in a full-on relationship with Lauren. Hale, who is the new Ash, is attempting to bring about a natural peace once and for all between the Dark and the Light. And Dyson has gained a new Dark Fae partner, Tamsin.

The events in the recent episodes will raise many questions. Will Bo be able to save her own sanity before she completely loses herself to the dark? Will Kenzi be found? Tune in to Lost Girl Sunday night’s at 9 PM ET/PT in Canada on Showcase and Monday Night’s at 10PM ET/PT on SyFy in the US. I’ll be here sorting out the epic love lives of our fabulous Succubus and her Faemily for our last portion of Lost Girl 101.

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