Kait & Monica’s Geeky Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

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Are you still searching for the perfect gift or gifts? Did our first guide not hit that geeky spot? Well here are some more items that Kait and I thought you folks would love!

Kisses from Nightwing aren’t on the list, sadly.


Doctor Who Pillow

I seriously want this pillow to squeeze at night (in case you haven’t been able to tell from all of my posts, I’m a major Doctor Who fan). It’s adorable and soft with no chance of jumping off to another time.




Harry Potter Pillows

Is there someone in your life that is desperately missing their Harry Potter? Let them cuddle with Harry or Ron or even Hermione.


Thor and Loki Pillows

I promise this is the last group of pillows I will show! But honestly, who wouldn’t want to sleep with Thor or Loki?

*Please note that the Etsy seller telahmarie will not have these items available for the holidays but you can always order one and tell your lucky friend that they will be receiving an awesome pillow shortly.




Avengers USB’s

Know a certain geeky blogger that needs an awesome way to transport their files? This is your item right here! You can get Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, or the Hulk.




Batman Ice Cube Tray

Make everyone jealous of your friend with their bat shaped ice cubes. Although I don’t think you can consider them cubes anymore…


Geek Wisdom

The gospel for geeks. Make them read it, love it, and live it.


Inflatable Minigun

Help them defeat their henchmen with this kick-ass arm gun.




Comic Stone Coasters

Does your friend love beer and comics? Mix their passions with these one of a kind coasters by BadLuckArtCo!




Steampunk Jewelry

Give the gift of unique steampunk jewelry from BellaBlonde and have everyone asking where you got that necklace.




A Matter of Time: The Unauthorized Back To The Future Lexicon

If you know someone that is a humongous fan of the Back to the Future movies, this is the book for them! They will learn about every piece of the franchise that they might have missed over while wishing they had a DeLorean.




Map of Middle Earth

Is that certain someone extremely excited for The Hobbit movie? Get them this map so they can pretend that they traversed Middle Earth.





Hope this inspired you! Happy Holidays!!

Monica Piluso

Monica Piluso

I could write something really corny or awesome about me but honestly I'm just a young woman that loves geek culture, laughing, and keys (I have a strange obsession with keys). Follow me on Twitter!: @StoryInTheEnd
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