Mother’s Day: Great Gifts for Geek Moms

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Thrones Cookbook

If you’re anything like me, it’s nearly impossible to find a good gift for mom for mother’s day that isn’t the usual flowers and chocolate. In hopes of keeping some of you from the last minute panic, and honor of all the moms out there, I’ve put together a list of 10 awesome gifts (with some help from ThinkGeek) for the geek mom in your life.Shower Truffles

1. Shower Truffles – $13.99

We just swapped out our full bathtub for a much more economical shower. It’s great, but it means no more luxurious bath time (for those stolen moments of relaxation). If your mom doesn’t have a bathtub, or is simply too busy to take the time needed for a great bath, these Shower Truffles are just what she needs. You just drop them in the shower, and as they melt with the warm water, you get all the luxury of a bath, without the time … or the bath.



2. Geek Chic Eyeshadow – $6.99

If you’re stuck for cash, and are looking for something simple, yet awesome, this collection of eye shadows is great for the mom who wants to look her best, and show off her love of geek culture. Each of the six different colors is named for a different fandom from Doctor Who, to Game of Thrones, to my personal favorite, The Princess Bride, and others. They’re just $6.99 a piece, and are vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free.

If eye shadow isn’t for you, or if you’re looking to make a set of it, they also offer perfumes that let you smell like waffles (among other things), and Geek Chic Lip Gloss.

Wonder Woman Apron



3. Wonder Woman/Dexter Apron – $19.99

Help your mom channel her inner super hero, or serial killer, in the kitchen with these killer aprons. No one will want to mess with her while she’s cooking, but be careful, she might start thinking she really does have superpowers, or worse, can get away with murder …


4. The Unofficial Game of Thrones CookbookThrones Cookbook

Winter is Coming, but you still need to eat. This cookbook is perfect for the any mom who parks herself in front of the TV every Sunday night, and includes more than 150 recipes like: Arbor Red Wine, The House of Stark’s Venison, Apple, Cheddar Plaits, and Tears of Lys.

Not a Game of Thrones fan? There is also an Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook, and a Manga Cookbook.




5. Aeropress Coffee Maker – $25.99

If your mom is anything like mine, she likes a very particular kind of coffee, and making  a whole pot just isn’t worth it. That’s where the Aeropress comes in. Its a single serve coffee maker that makes just enough for one, in about 20 minutes, and more much less than some other brands. At just $26, this coffee maker is a great gift for those of us with tight wallets. Comes with a year’s supply of filters.

Your mom more of a tea drinker? Don’t worry. There’s also a single serve teapot.


6. Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad – $49.99-59.99

I’ll tell you one thing for certain, ever since my mom got an iPad2 for Christmas last year, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without it. If your mom is anything like mine, this nifty little case will make her life even easier. It’s a cinch to set up, and will turn your mom’s iPad into, essentially, a mini laptop. Cheaper and lighter than getting a MacBook Air, AND it charges via an included USB cable.


beating heart pillow


7. Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow – $39.99-44.99

We all know being a mom is hard work, and sometimes its very difficult to destress at the end of a long day. Well, these lovely little pillows are sure to get even the most high strung moms to relax, and even take a nap (whenever they have the chance). They vibrate when you turn them on, and the beating changes each time, slowly mimicing a real heartbeat, and gently sooth your fried nerves as your heartbeat slows to sync with the pillow. They come in two sizes (14″ x 14″ and 9″ x 9″).

Math Pendant


8. Math Pendants – $24.99

Here is a gift sure to delight any math lover. These pendants are 2 and 3-D representations of some of the most popular mathematical symbols. The collection includes both a 2 and 3-D Mobeus (Infinity), Pi, the Golden Ratio, and Mandelbrot. They’re all in silver, except, appropriately, the Golden Ratio, and come on an 18′ chain.

Triple Locket



9. Victorian Rotating Triple Locket – $29.99

This beautiful locket is a perfect gift for the geek mom with a whole lot of love to go around. The three sided, spinning pendant opens up to hold three different pictures of family, friends, or even pets. Etched with a floral design, the intricate pendant, and wishbone frame, hang on a 30-inch twisted rope gold chain.


Music Belt

10. Lullabelly Maternity Musical Device – $59.99

Of course, we can’t forget about the geek moms-to-be. People have been playing music for their unborn babies for a very long time, but now its easier, and more comfortable than ever with this prenatal musical belt. It’s ultrasoft, adjustable, and perfect to use on-the-go, or relaxing at home. A pocket holds you favorite mp3 player comfortably, and an included headphone splitter allows mom to share music with baby. All the while, you can rest easy, because the baby’s speakers cap at a safe volume.

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