The Wrap: Castle, Season 4

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CastleTelevision shows are notorious for taking their audiences on a rollercoaster ride of emotions; one week allowing the main characters to experience great victory and happiness, and ripping it all away in the next. Few shows, however, do it with quite as much wit and charm as ABCs “Castle” whose fourth season comes to a close tonight.

If you’ve missed out on the season thus far, allow us to catch you up with the highlights.

Where We Began:

While delivering a eulogy at the funeral of Captain Montgomery, Detective Beckett was shot in the chest by a sniper. Having tackled Beckett to the ground, and forced to watch, helplessly, as she bled to death in his arms, Castle finally admitted his feelings to her.

Beckett was rushed to a hospital, where her boyfriend, and cardiac surgeon, Josh, worked to stop the bleeding and save her life. Beckett survived, but told Castle that she had no memory of what happened, a fact we quickly learned was actually a lie, she remembered everything, but was too afraid to admit that to Castle.

Where We Are Now:

After Beckett’s near death, Castle made a deal: keep her from investigating her own shooting, and, by extension, her mother’s murder, and she stays alive. As a result, he’s been deceiving her all this time, while still investigating her shooting himself when he can.

Beckett has spent the better part of the year dealing with the aftermath of being shot, nearly dying, and discovering Castle’s true feelings for her all at the same time. Through regular visits to a therapist, and help from her friends, she has both come to grips with some of that trauma, and has given the audience brand new insight into her complex character.

Adding to the drama is the fact that Castle has recently discovered that Beckett really does remember what she said that day in the cemetery, and betrayal cuts pretty deeply. While neither of them is willing to have an open conversation about their feelings together, they’ve had a number of cryptic ones, which suggest they may be opening up.

While their relationship is on shaky ground at the moment, the events of the last few weeks suggest that they may be close to confronting those issues that stand between them, and, as the promos suggest, “starting a whole new chapter.”

Castle Season 3
Castle confesses his feelings for Beckett in S3's Finale

Must-See Episodes:

If just reading a little summary isn’t enough for you, but you don’t have time to watch the whole season, here are a few key episodes to get you started:

401: Rise
In the season 4 opener, Beckett has been shot, and Castle and the gang wait with baited breath as she is rushed into emergency surgery. Meanwhile, a new boss has taken over as Captain of the 12th, and her leadership style is quite a bit different from that of Captain Montgomery.

409: Kill Shot
A sniper is taking out random civilians, and leaving behind cryptic messages in the form of paper dolls. While the team races to figure out his next target, Beckett deals with the aftermath of being, herself, the target of a sniper.

412: Dial ‘M’ for Mayor
When the investigation of a murdered woman leads right to City Hall, Castle’s friend, and the mayor of New York City, becomes the prime suspect. Castle’s desire to help his friend could put his continued work with the NYPD in jeopardy.

419: 47 Seconds
After a bomb goes off at an anti-Wall Street rally, killing several protestors, Castle, Beckett, and the rest of the 12th are tasked with interviewing the witnesses in order to discover what happened during the 47 seconds before the blast. And Castle discovers something Beckett has kept from him for months.

Just For Fun:

Got a little extra time to kill, and want to see the fun you’ve missed this year, as well as the drama? Here is a rundown of the episodes that make Castle the kind of show it is.

402: Heroes and Villains
When an ex-con is killed by a mysterious costumed vigilante, the team begins the search for a DIY superhero named “Lone Vengeance.”

406: Demons
A TV Ghost Hunter is killed on camera while investigating a famously haunted house in New York City. The investigation leads Castle and Beckett down a spooky path involving murder, vengeance, and, possibly, the supernatural.

407: Cops & Robbers
Castle accompanies Martha to a bank while she attempts to take out a loan for her drama school, but things go sideways when the bank is held up by four armed gunmen. While Beckett joins in on the hostage negotiations, Castle attempts to get her information from the inside.

410: Cuffed
Castle and Beckett wake up to discover they’ve been kidnapped and locked in a small room. Worse still, they’re handcuffed together, and have no idea how they got there.

blue butterfly
'Castle' gets a noir twist in S4's 'The Blue Butterfly'

414: The Blue Butterfly
A treasure hunter is killed while searching a historic 1940s club for a necklace known as the ‘Blue Butterfly’, and the only clues to his murder may lie in an old journal written by a Private Detective.

421: Headhunters
Nathan Fillion teams up with ‘Firefly’ co-star Adam Baldwin in this episode, as Castle takes out his Beckett frustrations by partnering with an NYPD Gang Detective whose methods might get Castle killed.

422: Undead Again
A stockbroker is murdered in a parking garage, and the only viable suspect seems to be … a killer zombie?

What to Expect Tonight:

According to all reports, tonight’s finale is going to be a big one. Something major is going to change in the Castle/Beckett relationship and the hints being dropped by the show-runners are terribly enticing. The promo says a lot, namely, that Castle will be saying those three little words to a fully conscious Beckett, and that Beckett may be showing up at his doorstep for a little more than a friendly visit, but the question remains as to whether or not the two of them will be taking the plunge. One thing is for certain, with Beckett back on the trail of her would-be killer, Castle isn’t going to be able to keep his secret for long, and the ramifications of his ‘coming out’ could be disastrous.


The season four finale of Castle airs tonight at 10pm on ABC. You can watch every episode of this season on Amazon Instant and Hulu Plus.

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